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Our Rotary District is busy!

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Minutes: Saluting Our Veterans (November 11, 2015)

January 24, 2016

Rotary Greeters: Diana Washburn, E. Russell Smith
Flag Salute: Joe Weiland
Raffle: Sandra O’Meara brought a gift certificate to a nail salon

* NID – A trip will be made to India next February for a polio related mission. It is expected to fill up rapidly. If you are interested, respond soon.
* Bowling – The bowling outing is scheduled for this Friday night. We will be eating and drinking before bowling.
* Food Drive – The Community Service Committee initiated this food drive. The first two Wednesdays in December Rotarians are asked to bring in cans of vegetables etc. to donate. This food will be delivered to the Unity Shop.
* Ralphs – For those who shop at Ralphs grocery store, scan your letter so our Foundation receives donations automatically.
* Camp Whittier Work Day – Camp Whittier Work Day will be on November 21. This will be fun and anyone who wants to volunteer can contribute. Tom can find a good match for everyone.
* Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Rotarians are asked to sign up for bill ringing.

Veterans Day Program
* November 11, at 11:00 am – This was Armistice Day for World War I. We celebrate and appreciate our veterans on November 11.
* Each of our Rotarians who served in the military was honored and provided brief information to the club about their service. This included Brook Sawyer, Burt Chortkoff, Bill Ringer, Jim Ruh, Connard Hogan, Bob McPhillips, Bill Abel, and Chris Baxter.
* Some Rotarians also spoke briefly about family members who served including Joanne Schoenfeld, Diana Washburn, Jeff Boehm, Jim Ruh, Janet Napier, Sandra O’Meara, Bill Boyd

Minutes: Revel in This Christmas Performance (December 9, 2015)

January 24, 2016

Greeter – Bruce Belfiore
Flag Salute – E. Russell Smith
Raffle – Diana Washburn brought a certificate to the salt caves. Tom Putnam won.

* We are dark on December 16 (the night of our holiday party) and December 23.
* Bring an wrapped ornament to the holiday party on December 16.
* We are not dark on December 30!
* We collected for the Santa Barbara Club staff today.
* Rotary make-ups – Go to
* Tomorrow there is a tour of Franklin Elementary School. This is part of the community service initiative to support a needy school. If you want to go, contact Sandy Grasso-Boyd.
* Bell ringing – For the first few weeks our bell ringers have collected $448 and $342. There are two more weekends for collections.
* Holiday party – It is scheduled for December 16. There are 45 people signed up.
* The Rotary Group 8 bus trip for decorating the Rotary float for Pasadena is scheduled. It is $35 per person.
* The first happy hour after the beginning of the year will be at Cafe Stella.
* Steve Kally is scheduling an outing to play frisbee golf at Lake Casitas on a Saturday in January. Those interested are asked to sign-up with Steve.
* Tom Heath updated the club on the progress at Camp Whittier. There are many improvements and the camp is very grateful.
* Dennis Johns informed members that his boat is in the Canary Islands. They will be landing in Martinque and then they will come home, Dennis will get new knees and stay local for awhile.
* Connard shared something about his life. Born in 1948. He became interested in becoming an astronaut. He studied Russian. He got into ROTC. He had challenges with the psych test, needed glasses, and had other challenges so he dropped out, got drafted and went to Vietnam.
* Our meeting presenter is Susan Keller from Santa Barbara Revels. This year they are celebrating the holiday season with the traditions of Spain. The goal is to create a quality production honoring the culture of Spain. This year the show is on December 19 and 20.

Minutes: Richard Salas and the Luminous Sea (December 2, 2015)

January 24, 2016

Flag salute: Tom Putnam
Invocation: Sandy Grasso-Boyd
Raffle: Eric Ryan brought pearl earrings and Prosecco

* The downtown Rotary club is having a party at the Hyatt. It is $45. It is tomorrow night.
* The International Rotary convention is in Seoul Korea in 2016. Start planning now.
* There are PRLS workshops coming. They have changed the name to practically relevant skills workshops. The club will cover the costs for members who want to attend.
* Float decorating will be on Monday, December 28.
* The district gala will be a lunch this year. It will be Sunday, January 24 at 11:00 am.
* The District Governor nominees were identified.
* Steve will be the next incoming president for the Sunrise Rotary Club.
* Scott is celebrating a 29 year anniversary with the club.
* Kathy Scroggs has transferred to our Sunrise Club from the downtown club.
* The Camp Whittier work day was very successful. Many members participated. There is some work left to be done. If members would like to help finish these pieces, please contact Tom Heath.
* About 40% of our club members have given their annual foundation pledge. We hope to have a 100% participation.
* Bell ringing continues for the next three Saturdays including December 5, 12 and 19.
* The food drive has begun for the Unity Shop. Members can bring food next Wednesday, December 9.
* Our club holiday party is Wednesday, December 16. It will be at Harry’s with cocktails at 6 and dinner at 7. The cost is $35 per person. There will be an ornament exchange.
* December meetings: December 9 meeting, December 16 no meeting, but night party, dark December 23 and 30.
* Confirm duties with Diana when you are assigned.
* We will be gathering tips for the Santa Barbara Club staff next Wednesday.

Minutes: It’s time to be fun & fit (10/14/2015)

October 14, 2015

Past President David Velarde called the meeting to order.

    Visiting Rotarians:

Jerry L


Boris Alves


Chris Baxter invited members to a bowling social on a Friday or Saturday night. He took an informal poll to see whether members would prefer Friday or Saturday. Nov. 6 or Nov. 13 are likely dates. Watch for an email. Note: Zodos also has 43 beers on tap.
Community Service committee will meet Monday, October 19, at Lucille’s house.
If you have leftover children’s Halloween costumes, please contact Lucille Boss.
Joanne Orenstein asked which members are veterans. For Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11, Joanne would like members to speak at a meeting.
District Foundation Seminars: There are 3 remaining options, and our club needs participants to qualify for district grants. On Oct. 24, you can attend at the Goleta Community Center at 9 AM until 1 PM. There is also one on Oct. 31 in San Luis Obispo.
Last weekend was the Rotary BBQ at Goleta Beach. It was fun! People arrived by car, bike, and boat. Thanks to Diana Washburn for organizing it, and thanks to all who volunteered and contributed.
The DIstrict Conference was the first weekend of October in Bakersfield. E. Russell Smith had a great time. Andy, our YSE student, had a great time, too.
Applications are due tomorrow for people interested in being the 2018-2019 district governor.
Susan Klein-Rothschild won the raffle.
Pay and Tell with Sgt at Arms Bill Boyd.


Joanne Schoenfeld-Orenstein introduced the speakers Kymberly Williams-Evans and Alexandra Williams for their program “Fun and Fit: Active Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers.”
Cardio activity is now the #1 best thing you can do for your brain.
When you exercise, you get a bigger hippocampus, stimulate the growth of new neurons, and cut your risk of dementia by 60 percent.
Even small changes rewire our brains for the better. For example, mix up your routine — like when you workout or how you drive to a regular destination.
She recommends 150 minutes per week (about 22 minutes per day) of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity.
#1: Try something new or novel.
#2: Follow directions or cues.
#3: Move to music or beats that offer polyrhythms.
#4: Try movement that has some aspect of complexity or choreography.
#5: Perform moves that cross the midline.
#6: Involve at least two senses, such as sight and sound or touch.
#7: Sleep deeply and sufficiently. 7-8 hours is ideal.

If you want to learn more from Kymberly, visit
In honor of our speakers, we will donate dictionaries to 15 third graders in Santa Barbara.

Minutes: A Morning with Our District Governor (09/16/2015)

September 16, 2015

Visiting Rotarians: District 5240 Governor Jim Bell, Angela Pesce, Kim Bish, Rainer Zumbach, Kathy Scroggs, Bob Braitman, John Brinker


  • Angela Pesce invited members to the Rotaract Club’s Miniature Golf at the Courthouse event to benefit the Santa Barbara Courthouse Legacy Foundation. Join for community day on Sept. 20 for community day from 10 AM to 2 PM. All kids play for free. Adults should donate at least $5. They will also have a prize drawing for a girl’s bike and a boy’s bike. Then, on the 26th of September, Rotaract will have a team in the Heart Walk. If you’re interested in either event, please contact Angela.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd said former member Bill Wilmer has evacuated his home in the western Sierras due to the fires, and he thinks his home is ok unless the fire backtracks. The fire passed closely by his house. Janet Napier said the American Red Cross has begun deploying volunteers up there, too.
  • Lucille Boss-Ramirez said the first Community Service meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 24 at 7 PM at her house. There will be some new ideas in addition to the usual of Camp Whittier, dental clinics, and dictionaries for third graders.
  • Diana Washburn talked about the Group 8 polo event and said it was a great event and everyone looked wonderful. Weekly happy hours continue at Endless Summer on Tuesday evenings. October 10 is the club BBQ at Goleta Beach.
    The club’s holiday party will be Dec. 16 at Harry’s. Save the date.
    Coming next year: bowling and maybe lawn bowling.
  • Bill Boyd provided an update on the international service committee. The water filtrones should be manufactured by early November, and members may be able to go to Nicaragua to help distribute them. The long-term water project remains in flux. The committee approved a $500 donation to the Rotary Club of Montecito to support its project in Congo. American Riviera Bank donated $1,000 for the filtrones. Thank you! He invited Darren Doi and Jody Holehouse up for a check presentation to the club’s foundation.
  • Kim Bish helps raise money for a scholarship by selling a truckload of firewood. If you want to buy a truckload of seasoned oak wood for $200, let him know! For $250, he’ll throw in his BBQ.
  • Gary Jensen said the Fiddlers’ Festival is on its way. Tomorrow he’s transferring some of the festival equipment from the club’s storage container to the Goleta Valley Historical Society at about 1 PM tomorrow and could use some help. Please join him. And the festival is October 11!
  • Karen Kawaguchi thanked Chris Tucker for stepping up to be the La Cuesta Student of the Month chair.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt. at Arms Eric Ryan.
  • Tara Stoker brought a $30 gift certificate to Via Maesta for the raffle and Rainer won.

Program: Group 8 Assistant Governor David Velarde introduced District 5240 Governor Jim Bell.

  • He and his wide Donna live in Bakersfield. He joined the Bakersfield Breakfast Club in 2004. He served as charter secretary of Bakersfield Twilight. He is a member of the Paul Harris Society and Bequest Society and Master PRLS graduate.
  • Our district has 74 clubs with roughly 3,600 Rotarians. He is at club meeting #40.
  • His talk is called, “Chiefs, Indians, and Rhinos” and he directs it to members of less than 3 years. He thinks many clubs has lots of chiefs and not that many indians because it’s a group of leaders. He says it’s ok to be an indian. Rhino, actually RINO, is Rotarian in Name Only. It’s also OK to be a RINO as long as you stick with that club for a long time.
  • He told a story about a small town in Colorado with 1,200 residents that has two Rotary clubs — each with about 60 members — 10% of the town!
  • One of the unspoken benefits is that Rotary is an economic powerhouse in the community. It’s a way to do business with people you like and trust.
  • The pitch to join Rotary: Get you out of your office, gives you variety, you get to hear great presentations on a wide range of topics, a chance to serve others, a way to meet cool people, and generally a decent weekly meal.
  • In addition to the big projects — like polio eradication — think about the little acts of kindness. If each club has even 10 small projects, think of the number of small acts of kindness that happen as part of each of those projects. That could be about 3.4 million small acts of kindness per year. But it’s even bigger than that because it spreads.
    RI President’s theme is Be a gift to the world. Jim’s theme is Enjoy Rotary. You can enjoy being a gift to the world!
  • He encouraged all members to attend the Rotary 5240 District Conference. It will be Oct. 2 – 4 in the Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center. It will be more fun than the law allows.
  • PRLS is evolving. More details to follow. Wade Nomura is leading that effort.
  • Look for the monthly email newsletter from the district.
  • In honor of our District Governor’s visit, we will donate dictionaries to 15 third graders.

Minutes: Conversation about Peace (09/09/2015)

September 9, 2015

Invocation: Diana Washburn
Pledge: Bob McPhillips
Raffle: Luz Maria Ortiz Smith brought two bottles of wine. Our speakers added two books. Steve Boehm and Bill Abel were winners.

Visiting Rotarians: Rainer Zumbach, Harlan Green, Kathy Scroggs, Sigg Wathne, Barbara Muller

Guests: Ernie the videographer


  • Vocational Chair Liz Alves asked members to put their business cards in the bin. She’ll email members to ask for a bit of professional advice. We’ll collect this advice and do something, yes something, with it.
  • Sandy Grasso-Boyd thanks members for visiting Brooke Sawyer. She invited other people to continue visiting Brooke. He’d like to visit the Yacht Club and the Maritime Museum.
  • Diana Washburn thanked members for attending the Sundowner Wine Tasting (and guacamole contest) at the Elings Park picnic area.
  • Tuesday happy hours are now at the Endless Summer, starting at 5:30.
  • The Group 8 polo event is Sunday. Have fun!
  • The club BBQ will be Oct. 10 at Goleta Beach. Save the date.
  • District Governor Jim Bell will visit the club next week. The regular meeting will be followed by a short board meeting. He will be our speaker and a listener. Please come with questions.
  • The Santa Barbara Public Library’s Children’s Library will have its grand opening on Sunday. They need volunteers. Please contact David Vo if you can help.
  • Ignore emails from Sandra O’Meara about Dropbox. She was hacked.
  • Next week we’ll have special guests from Nicaragua.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms Janet Napier.

Program: Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein introduced Barbara Muller to speak about the Rotary World Peace Conference.
She was the second woman member of Rotary. She is the president of the United Nations Association.

  • Peace is her passion.
  • She wants to talk about synchronicity of time.
  • When she was 7, her grandfather told her to work on peace. He told her to collect stamps from around the world and that she was a global citizen.
  • Sigg Wathne’s family traces back to four Wathne brothers who started the herring industry. Recently, 76 Wathne’s united in Iceland without technology — only conversation. They saw the power of conversation. They also saw the building where Reagan and Gorbechev signed the agreement ending the Cold War.
  • Her first husband had a 40-year career with the United Nations, including a role as assistant secretary general. He lived history. His father changed nationality five times without moving homes. He worked for peace. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 23 times.
  • Robert Muller entered an essay contest and won an internship with the United Nations.
  • To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, there will be a local walk during the Open Streets event on October 24. It starts at the bird refuge. There will be cake.
  • Rotary was one of 50 signers on the United Nations charter.
  • Sig was 13 living in Norway when World War II broke out. He joined Rotary in 1980. He sees what Rotary has done for polio eradication, and he believes Rotary can also end war.
  • You’re invited to the Rotary World Peace Conference on January 15 and 16 in Ontario, CA. Learn more at There are 13 different training tracks. It’s $215 for the full conference. The price goes up in October. Dinners are extra. Barbara has interviewed about 60 of the conference speakers, and you can see excerpts from these interviews at the website.
  • Barbara Muller wrote Revolutionary Conversations: The Tools You Need for the Success You Want.
  • Visit to see some of Robert’s ideas about how you can improve the world.
  • If you like this, you may also like 2020: Year Without War. Google it.
  • September 21, 2015 is International Peace Day.
  • In honor of our speaker, the club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders.

Minutes: Wine Storytime with Joe Weiland (9/2/2015)

September 2, 2015

Visiting Rotarians: Kathy Scroggs
Guests: Cody Makela, Lisa Osborn, Sonja Smith


  • Tonight we’re having a sundowner wine tasting at the Elings Park picnic area from 5 PM to sunset. Bring a wine from Santa Barbara County and an appetizer. Bring a friend.
  • On behalf of the club’s foundation, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith said the grant seminars are coming up on Saturday Oct 24 at the Goleta Community Center from 9-1. If you are interested in participating, contact Luz Maria.
  • Bill Boyd shared an update about the international project in Nicaragua. We’ve received a grant for the water filters. On Sept. 14, we have some guests attending from Nicaragua. Chris Baxter and Karen Kawaguchi will also host a reception for the guests.
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild purchased two reservations for the polo event, so if you are interested and not signed up yet, please let her know.
  • The Community Service committee will meet on Sept 10 at 7 PM. The location is TBD, but it may be at Lucille Ramirez’s house. If you are interested in being on the committee, even if you cannot attend that meeting, please contact Lucille.
    Start inviting family, friends, and trained animals to the club BBQ on October 10 at Goleta Beach.
  • Board members and holiday party committee members, please stay after the meeting to make a decision about the location.
  • Diana Washburn is taking piano lessons, and she’s looking to purchase a piano.
  • The Rotaract Club wants volunteers on the morning of Sept. 18 for its miniature golf tournament. You can also golf on the 19th.
  • Pay and Tell with Sgt at Arms Tom Heath.

Program: Bob McPhillips introduced Joe Weiland for “The Art of Making Wine.”

  • Joe came to California from Wisconsin at age 23. At the time, he wasn’t interested in wine, but he would sometimes drink chardonnay because, hey, the color was like beer.
  • One night at Elsie’s bar he drank a Zaca Mesa syrah, and it was so good it caught his attention. That made him realize there might be something to this wine thing.
  • In California, it seems you need some sense of wine to get by in social circles. You need to have an opinion. The opinion they formed was to drink syrahs from Santa Barbara County.
  • Joe explained his wine buying strategy and the math of the wine price:quality ratio. In short, find the wines you like best at your price point.
  • Back in 2009, Joe’s friend Sven invited Joe to make wine with him at a custom crush facility. You show up with grapes. You later leave with wine. They get grapes from LaFond Vineyards. Their wine is Cowboy Syrah, Cowboy PInot, Cowgirl Chardonnay, and Cowgirl Sauvignon Blanc.
  • They started with a half ton of grapes — one of those white bins. That makes one barrel of wine, which is 300 bottles of wine, which is almost enough for a bottle a day for a year.
  • Joe said making wine is easier than baking chocolate chip cookies. He described the process.
  • Michael Benedict (yes of Sanford and Benedict) said Joe’s wine is good!
  • He now also makes an Arlington Syrah, Chardonnay, and Whitehawk for clients.
  • This year he’s having trouble getting grapes. The harvest is low throughout our region.
  • Their 2011 Cowboy Syrah won Best of Class from the San Francisco Chronicle. They’ve won some additional awards in other years.
  • Pro tip: If you see a bottle of 2011 syrah from LaFond Vineyards, get it. That vineyard and that year won best in class multiple years.
  • Financial advice: If you’re not contributing to your retirement plan, but you are drinking good wine, you should probably be drinking less expensive wine.