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Minutes: The One with Lots of Awards (6/22/2011)

June 28, 2011

Editor’s note: In this meeting, Karen Kawaguchi was the most honored while absent member.

Minutes for 6/22/11. Prepared by Darren Doi.
To see more photos from the meeting, click here.

Welcome by Chief Bill

Invocation:  given by Ken Beisser

RaffleBurt Chortkoff – 3 Bottles of Wine

Don McNalty, RC of Northwest England

Visiting Rotarians and their club

  • Don McNalty – RC of Northwest England
  • Phil Beaver – RC of Cherry Hills Colorado

Announcements by Chief Bill

  • Congrats to Mary Dinh – She was selected by our District to receive a $27k Ambassadorial Scholarship.  Read her bio and essay on the club website or below on the blog.
  • President Bill presented Rotarian of the Month Awards to Gary Jensen (managed Ambassadorial Scholar Program and organized the fundraiser for Joplin) and Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein (serving on Club Foundation Board and generous financial support for the Joplin fundraiser). 
  • President Bill presented Paul Harris Fellow Awards to Mark Reinhardt (PH+1), Jody Dolan Holehouse (PH+4), and Sandy Grasso-Boyd (PH+4).
  • President Bill presented Sandy Grasso-Boydwith the Service Above Self Award.

    Bill awards Sandy the Service Above Self honor.


  • President Bill presented Andy Doer, Steve Kally and Tim Marme with Fundraiser Awards, for their work as chairs of the Fiddlers Festival and Golf Tournament.
  • President Bill presented Andrew Chung and Bob McPhillips with the Sergeant at Arms Award.
  • Presented Judith McCaffrey, Lily Carey, Tim Durnin, Tara Stoker, and Graham Guess with C.O.G. Bear Awards – Carriers of Goodwill.
  • Special Thank You Awards presented to Luz Maria Ortiz, Bill Abel, Darren Doi, Karen Kawaguchi, Diana Cecala, Liz Werhane and Janet Napier.
  • Club Board Recognition – Thank you to all Committee Chairs
    • Joe Weiland, Secretary & President Elect
    • Jody Dolan Holehouse – Treasurer
    • Fred Gaeden – Rotary Foundation Rep
    • Bill Ringer – Administration & Club Service
    • Connard Hogan – International Service
    • David Velarde – Community Service
    • Dana Goba – New Generations
    • Ed Fleming – Vocational Service
    • Sherrie Fisher – Membership
    • Betsy Munroe – Public Relations

Club Announcements (Committee Chair Recognitions)

Ed thanks Bill with a handmade bowl.

  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein – Club Foundation – this year’s grants went to:
    • CALM – art supplies
    • Guardian Scholars – Back to School kit
    • RHF – Jr Wheelchair Sports Camp Lunch
    • PARC Foundation – Lifeguard staffing
    • Storyteller – kitchen appliances
    • Sansum – canopies for Camp Wheez
    • IV Youth – Curriculum supplies
    • Girls Inc – You Grow Girl Support
    • RCSBS Foundation – reserved $2,600 for next year
  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein – Thank you to the Foundation Board
    • Fred Gaeden, Judith McCaffrey, Janet Napier, Jody Dolan Holehouse, David Velarde, Betsy Munroe, Karen Kawaguchi and Bob McPhillips.
  • Bill Ringer – Club Service
    • Bill Abel, Bill Wilmer, Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein, Darren, Tim, Eric, Tom
  • Connard – International Service
    • Janet Napier, E. Russell Smith, Bill Ringer, Bill Rice, Andy, Bill Boyd, Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith, Bill Abel, Mark Reinhardt, Tim Durnin, Colin Stevens, Karen Kawaguchi
  • David – Community Service
    • Janet Napier, Don, Bill Abel, Julie, Andy Doer, Mark Reinhardt, Joanne
  • Dana – New Generations
    • Scott Burns, Mark Reinhardt, Diana, Susan, Julie, David Velarde, Gary Jensen, Bill Ringer, Ed Fleming, Karen Kawaguchi, Betsy Munroe
  • Ed – Vocational Service
    • Bill Abel
  • Sherrie – Membership
    • Sandra, Fred Gaeden, Katherine
  • Betsy – Public Relations
    • Karen Kawaguchi, Sandy Grasso-Boyd, Bill Abel

Raffle – Raised $83 – Won by Eric Ryan

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