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Weiland’s Words: A Vision for the Coming Year

June 28, 2011


Meet the President

The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise is an inspiring group of people that amazes me every time I attend a meeting. There is always a new project or a new idea that is being floated forward, usually to an enthusiastic and positive response.   This group thrives on adding another project or cause to champion. This has been happening for years and at times I wonder if it is not too much? I wonder if the work and energy that our club gives are being spent in what are currently the best projects and if we are getting the most bang for our buck? 

My goal for my presidential year is to follow this line of thought; I want to make sure that we are getting the most for our efforts. Most what? Most feelings of success, most benefit to humanity and our community, most camaraderie, most recharge to the club. To my way of thinking, these are the best measures of our club’s positive direction and likelihood of future success and growth. This group is not afraid of hard work and it is not afraid of stepping up to a challenge. We do it year after year. This has left us with a club that has no difficulty qualifying to be “the best medium sized club” in our district nearly every year. This “best” status is objectively determined by a number of different measurements:  projects that are completed in the different avenues of service, attendance levels, and our ability to maintain our membership and raise money. All of these measurements are objective and we are well ahead of the pack (ok, so not in the raising money part…). The fun and fellowship is not objectively measured, but if it were we would be doing very well by that measure, as well. Whether it is the weekly get together or the annual Step Down farce, we have a good time!

I am our club’s biggest fan and I want to help us prune back our activities and obligations to be sure that we have capacity to grow and evolve. I have asked each one of the chairs of the different avenues of service to take a hard look at the activities they have planned for the year and suggested that they cut back in some way. They may not cut back, as they like the activities. Fine, but if there is room to make changes they have my blessing.

There are two big changes that we are implementing on my request. The first may be obvious to you, given that you are reading this presidential message from a new web page and not the traditional Bugle.  I have enlisted Liz Werhane to help bring the Bugle to a modern format that should reduce the time and effort of getting our newsletter out. Thank you Liz!! In the second change I have asked our treasurer, Sandy O’Meara, to outsource some of the administrative work (read: billing and collections) to a bookkeeper and keep the oversight and board work. Given the size of our club, this is a reasonable change.  I am sure that Jody is wondering why we didn’t make this change six years ago.

We all have our club activities that we love. I do not expect a dramatic change in our activities (perhaps we will not even notice), but I do expect that the activities that we do choose to take on will be meaningful and done with the usual Sunrise gusto. Thank you to everyone for your willingness to share your Time, Talent and Treasure. Let’s make it another great year!

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  1. William Abel permalink
    July 1, 2011 2:14 PM

    Here’s wishing you a great year, Joe, but I’m worried about the “kiss of death” given to David Velarde at the stepdown. Cheers, Willy

  2. Ed Fleming permalink
    July 5, 2011 7:54 AM

    Joe: Good Luck, it going to be a great year, BIG SHOES, to fill! You will be great!

    Ed F.

  3. Dennis and Virginia Johns permalink
    July 8, 2011 7:52 PM

    Less is More. I may be thousands of miles away but I’m totally behind your vision. See you soon.

    • Joe Weiland permalink
      July 13, 2011 5:14 PM

      Nice to hear from the salty realm! Particularly good to konw that you are traking things out there.

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