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Minutes: The One with the Blue-Footed Booby (08/17/11)

August 19, 2011

Welcome by Past President Bill Boyd.

  • Greeters: Karen Kawaguchi, Jody Dolan Holehouse
  • Invocation by Bill Boyd on behalf of Sandy Grasso-Boyd
  • Flag salute by Janet Napier
  • Raffle, something plus fresh eggs, by Judith McAffrey

Guests: Eirik Holm, Cristian Catalan, his mother Marisol, Ed Torres, Virginia Johns

Club Announcements:

  • The Foundation board will meet next Tuesday, August 23. Everyone is on the Foundation board.
  • Gary Jensen invites everyone to the inaugural Sundowners Wine Club gathering at his home on September 9 from 5:30-7:30 PM. For $19.95, members and their guests will be able to taste multiple wines from the region, get a bit of local wine knowledge and enjoy some nibbles of food. Watch this space for a chance to sign up on The Blogle.
  • Andy Doerr announced that last week’s raffle winner can trade their invisible bottle of wine for an actual bottle of Bogle wine.
  • Scott Burns wants the club to give a warm welcome to Oly, an incoming foreign exchange student from Germany, when he arrives next week.
  • Diana Cecala hopes the mentors for the SBCC program with emancipated foster youth will join in the pizza party on Tuesday, August 30. The location will be announced soon.

Past President’s Announcements:

Cristian Catalon is September's El Puente Student of the MonthSusan Klein-Rothschild presented the El Puente Student of the Month award to Cristian Catalan. He will start school at Dos Pueblos in the coming weeks. Congrats to Cristian, his family and his teacher, Ed Torres.

  • The club heard reports about members who had recently undergone surgeries. [Editor’s note: It’s not polite to discuss that on a public blog, so please ask your friends directly if you’re wondering about their health.]
  • Bill Boyd presented Bob McPhillips with a Paul Harris Fellow +4. Bob is kind of a big deal.
  • Congrats to those celebrating their Rotary anniversaries , wedding anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Rotary lunch reports: Tom Heath, who crashed a Rotary lunch, reported that Scott Johnson and Andrew Chung had a pleasant lunch and bike ride to Ojai. Everyone knows each other a little better now.
  • Rotary lunch lottery: Steve Kalley and Janet Napier are next for the Rotary lunch.
  • Raffle: Ken wins the eggs and such!

Dennis and VirginiaProgram: First Mate Dennis Johns and his lovely wife Captain Virginia Johns

  • Dennis and Virginia have completed the first part of their grand sailing adventure aboard S.V. Libertad, a cutter-rigged ketch.
  • Most legs of the journey were short so that they would not need to spend more than two nights at sea. When they do, they take two-hour shifts at the helm.
  •  They sailed from San Diego to Costa Rica between January (or so?) and July. They started three months later than planned, but they adopted the cruiser mentality of “We’ll get there when we get there.”
  • As they sailed down Baja California, into the Sea of Cortez, down along mainland Mexico and toward Central America, they watched the landscape get increasingly lush and green.
  • Dennis attended a Rotary meeting in La Paz. The club actively supports building prosthetic limbs.
  • Although just two of them sail on the Libertad, cruising is highly social. They befriend other cruisers at anchorages and marinas along the way.
  • With hurricane season looming, they chose to leave the boat in Costa Rica before heading off to the Galapagos and beyond. Lucky us, they’re back in Santa Barbara.

See more meeting photos here!

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