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Minutes: The One with the Dead Seagull (08/24/11)

August 26, 2011
  • Greeter: Laura Benson
  • Invocation: E. Russell Smith
  • Flag Salute: Scott Burns
  • Raffle: Dodger tickets and parking (donated by Laura Benson). Winner: Bill Boyd

Guests: Lindsey Leonard, Wilfred, Mike Lundsberg (speaker), D. Forsel

Visiting Rotarian: Lori Childs of the Downtown club

Club Announcements:

  • The Fiddler’s Convention is on October 9th – please distribute postcards to local stores and businesses.
  • Our first ever Sundowner Wine Party is taking place on September 9th. Bob McPhilips reminds us it’s a tasting and Liz Werhane will be there to teach us about wine. Sign up on the Blogle.
  • The Sunrise Hollister Hoedown is on October 16th.
  • The District Conference takes place October 21-23.
  • We have a new applicant for membership: Gabriel Papa.
  • Rotary Foundation – Over $100 million dollars were donated; the second largest amount ever. It’s only the fourth time it has ever surpassed $100M. Our local club goal is $130 per member.
  • Congratulations to Jody Dolan Holehouse on her new role as the foundation president.
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery – Judith and David have a lunch scheduled for later this week. Steve and Janet had lunch. Next up: Chris Baxter and Dennis Johns.

Program: A former park ranger tells us why we should care about the Gaviota Coast

  • Steve Forsel introduced the speaker Mike Lundsberg. Mike is President of the Gaviota Coast Conservancy.
  • North of Goleta, Gaviota offers miles of unobstructed coastline. It is a treasure of us all.
  • Steve provided aerial views of the entire coast. It is a very unique place with a south facing coastline.
  • 28% of tree production is on the Gaviota Coast.
  • Most of the acreage is used for grazing.
  • Some ranches are in the process of being sold and broken up into smaller parcels.
  • Santa Barbara coast state seashore is on the Gaviota Coast including El Capitan and Refugio. The Arroyo Hondo Preserve is in this area, as well.
  • Gaviota means seagull in Spanish. The Gaviota State Park was named as a place where a seagull was killed.
  • There is a good deal of wildlife here including dear and mountain lions (Liz’s favorite).
See meeting photos here. 
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  1. Joe Weiland permalink
    August 29, 2011 9:27 AM

    The photo of Holister Ranch is centered dirrectly upon the location of our upcomming Hoe Down…..Coincidence? Bulito Beach at Ranchhouse pointis the name of the spot for those of you that are interested.

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