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Nigeria School Project Begins

August 29, 2011
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Project Manager Bill Boyd just received notice from The Rotary Foundation that all funding has been received and that $23,158 has been sent to the Rotary Club of Aba, Nigeria to begin construction of three water wells and four fish farming ponds. 
The project will be instituted at Igbere Secondary School, located in southern Nigeria, at a small rural village in Aba State.  Currently the school’s 500 students must walk 3km to a local stream for their drinking water.  The Aba RC has been working with the school to establish an Interact Club. Once established, the club members will be trained in sustainable fish farming techniques.
In addition to providing clean water and a sustainable fish farming operation, the project will enable the students to help support the school by providing supplemental funds for supplies, books, food for the students, and funds to continue the fish farming operation on a long-term basis.  We are hopeful of receiving regular reports and photographs on the project’s progress.
Funding for the project came from a generous contribution of $2,000 from Citrix Online; the Westlake Village Sunrise Rotary Club; SB Sunrise and Aba RC’s; Rotary District’s 5240 and 9140; and The Rotary Foundation.  These types of projects would not be possible without the generous contributions of SB Sunrise Rotarians to our SB Sunrise Charitable Foundation and their hard work on our two major fundraisers.  Thank you Rotarians for your continued support.
Reported by Bill Boyd
Click for more from Matt Mazza.
From Matt Mazza:
Glad to hear things are progressing with the Nigeria project.  We probably won’t make it down that way but would love to hear about the project as it moves forward. Please pass my best best regards on to everybody at Sunrise and know that we think of you all often. Will give you a buzz for lunch when we return.  For now, take care…and ciao from Tuscany!
Oh, and you can keep up with our travels, if you are interested, at

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