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Minutes: The One with the DG (08/31/11)

September 5, 2011
  • Greeters: Bill Wilmer, Jerry Smith
  • Invocation: Steve Kally
  • Flag salute: Fred Gaeden
  • Raffle: Richard Redmond (chocolate and libation). Winner: Ken Beisser

Visiting Rotarians: Wade Nomura (DG and speaker), Roxanne Nomura (first lady), Ros Ray (Montecito Rotary), Shari Ford (Solvang Rotary).

Guests: Oly (RYE), Jill Ireland, Gabriel Papa

Club Announcements:

  • Fiddlers’ Convention – October 9th.  Take postcards. We are the proud owners of a canopy for the main stage.
  • Sundowner Wine Club – Join us at Gary Jensen’s home. Bring a bottle and enjoy tasting. Sign-up on the Bugle.
  • Nigeria Water Project – Our project received $20,000 which will allow a club in Southern Nigeria to build water wells. Citrix also donated $2,000 for the project.
  • Mentor Program – The project to mentor emancipated foster youth at SBCC.  100% of students and mentors signed up showed up for the first meeting. There are twelve mentors from this club.
  • Santa Barbara Schools seek volunteer speakers to speak to students about their careers.  Sign up online (address pending).
  • Wheelchair Project – Matching dollars were received. Wheelchairs will be taken to Katmandu and India among other sites.
  • What is Rotary? Take cards and share it with others.
  • Hoedown – October 16th.
  • District Conference – End of October. Don’t forget.
  • Thank you for gift on behalf of Otto Austel.
  • Horn of Africa famine and refugee relief fund – Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith will lead the collection next week.
  • Lunch – Burt and Richard met for lunch. David and Judith met for lunch. Andrew and Scott went to lunch. Next up: E. Russell and Bill Ringer.

2011 - 8- 31 032Program: DG Wade Nomura tells us about his Rotary moment and what it means to be a Rotarian

  • SB Sunrise is a strong club with good involvement in the district.
  • The District Governor carries the message from the R.I. President.  This year the message is about beginning by looking within about what Rotary means to you before reaching out to others.
  • The most important position in Rotary is the Club President.
  • Wade helped charter a Rotary Club eight years ago.  He learned that an international project could be financially supported by the Foundation. Their club supported a water project in Mexico. Wade traveled to the site and assisted with negotiations and implementation.
  • When they arrived on site, they found that most of the children were sick daily due to poor water quality. One and a half years later, the project was complete.
  • Wade was inflicted with polio as a four year old in Santa Barbara. He was placed in isolation. He has no residual effects. Wade and Roxanne went to a NID in India. In four days, 916,000 children were immunized against polio.
  • “You have no idea what is happening because of Rotary.”
  • Group Study Exchange – A team came to Carpinteria to meet with Wade and talk about a program to support individuals with developmental disabilities to live independently.
  • Wade shared his Rotary moment. All of these were made by gifts to the Foundation.
  • District Governor training is provided. It’s up to the clubs and presidents to set goals for their individual clubs.
  • Rotary is an international service organization with about 1.2 million members.  Rotary has three gifts: 1. the gift of giving; 2. Rotary moment – changing somebody’s life; 3. to bring others into the club to help change lives
  • Find what Rotary has to share with you. Bring others in.
View more photos from the meeting here. 
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