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Minutes: The One with Gabriel’s Induction (09/14/11)

September 17, 2011

Meeting called to order by Past President Dennis Johns.

  • Trivia: Who was the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise’s first female president? Joanne!
  • Invocation: Offered digitally and in person by David Velarde. Watch it here.
  • Pledge: Jerry
  • Raffle: Gillian Amery — a bottle of wine and a bar of dark chocolate with chili

Guests: Jill Ireland (welcome back); Rich Hanna; Gabriel Papa; LuAnn Miller; Margaret Weiss; Cecilia Rodriguez; Rene Van Hoorn; Melissa Walker

Club Announcements: 

Sunrise Rotary's Newest Member Gabriel Papa

  • * Fiddlers’ Festival: It’s not too late to get sponsors. Contact Scott Johnson to volunteer yourself, your family, your friends and strangers.
  • * Horn of Africa fund: If you missed it last week, we’re collecting money to send for famine relief in Africa. Our club’s Foundation will match member donations up to $1,000, and The Rotary Foundation will match our club’s donation. Turn $1 into $4. E. Russell Smith sent a commitment form around the room. Please bring checks next week if you haven’t already. In the memo, note G10008.
  • Hoedown: To celebrate the completion of the Fiddlers’ Festival and how cool this club is, all members and their families (including dogs) are invited to a hoedown at Hollister Ranch on Oct. 16.
  • The District Conference is Oct. 20-23.
  • Past President Dennis Johns inducted Gabriel Papa (pictured above). Liz Werhane stood in for Gabriel’s sponsor, David Vo.

Acting President’s Announcements:

  • Sundowners Wine Club recap: Liz Werhane said that more than 20 people enjoyed an evening of food, wine and fellowship in the lovely backyard of Gary and Cheryl Jensen. Thanks to Bob McPhillips and Lily Carey for providing great food and wine. View photos on The Blogle.
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery: Each week a new pair of club members are selected at random and asked to have lunch together within the coming two weeks and to report back to the club after they do. This meeting’s selections are Ken Beiser and Sandra O’Meara.
  • Nautical term of the meeting: Hockle. When it comes to the proposed definitions, you had to be there. The actual definition has to do with a kink in a rope.

Program: Joanne Schoenfeld introduced us to nearly a dozen organizations that The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Foundation supported this year. This is such an important topic that there will be a separate blog post providing additional details for each of the groups listed below.

  1. Camp Whittier, presented by Joanne
  2. Guardian Scholarship Program, presented by Joanne
  3. Girls Inc., presented by Joanne
  4. Storyteller Children’s Center, presented by Director of Development Melissa Walker
  5. Cottage Rehabilitation Center Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp, presented by Recreational Therapist Rene Van Hoorn
  6. Child Abuse Listening & Mediation (CALM), presented by Executive Director Cecilia Rodriguez
  7. City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation Wading Pool, presented by Aquatic Recreation Supervisor Rich Hanna
  8. Sansum Clinic’s Camp Wheez, presented by Director of Health Education Margaret Weiss
  9. IV Youth Projects, presented by Executive Director LuAnn Miller

As is tradition, our club will donate 15 dictionaries to local 3rd graders on behalf of each presenter.

Thanks to everyone who helped the meeting run smoothly, including David, Jerry, Gillian, Richard, Tom, Tim, Jim, Liz and everyone else who did one of this week’s duties.

See more photos from the meeting here. 

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