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Minutes: The One with Extra Collaboration (09/28/11)

September 28, 2011
President Joe Weilandcalled the meeting to order.
Invocation: Joanne Schoenfeld
Flag salute: Tim Marme
Raffle: Dennis Johns brought a bottle of wine, a candle and $25
Guests: Dolores Johnson, Delia Orowitz, Marti Glenn
Hello from Past President Sister Christine.
Club announcements:
  • Fiddlers’ Festival: still on Oct. 9. It’s still one of the club’s 2 big fundraisers for the year to fund the local and international programs. Volunteers still needed. Program ads: still accepting ads. Prices start at $50. See more details here. Posters in 2 sizes: have a place to put them? Andy will give you some. Thanks to Wilson Printing for donating the printing. Postcards: You can also take postcards to send or leave around town or your work place. Get PDF from Gary. Received a $1,000 gift. Bring friends! $25 for general admission. $20 for seniors and students with ID. Kids are free. Credit cards accepted via mobile phone application. Additional parking at Goleta City Hall this year. Fred Gaeden announced Fiddlers’ Festival at Montecito Rotary yesterday. Can you visit other clubs and invite them to attend or volunteer? Bob McPhillips will go to Goleta Noontime meeting next week.
  • Connard Hogan announced that the Ralphs partnership via the rewards card paid out for June 1-August 31. We get $16.91. Sign up again because we’re starting a new cycle even if you did it before. Learn how to join (it’s free) here.
  • Bob McPhillips sent around the Horn of Africa collection again. Make checks out to the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise foundation

President’s Announcements

  • Hoedown on October 16: surf, play horseshoes, etc. Sign up on the form at the meeting.
  • The Group Study Exchange (GSE) team from Korea will be in our area Oct. 16-22. Stay tuned for more details.
  • District 5240 is looking for District Governor candidates. Past presidents, are you interested?
  • The Tuesday Night Rendezvous was attended by Karin Napel and Joe Weiland. It’s 5:30-7 PM at Dargan’s every week. It counts as a makeup.
  • Happy birthdays and Rotary anniversaries.
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery: Ken and Sandra have scheduled their lunch. next up will be Bill Wilmer and Scott Johnson.

Sergeant at Arms Bruce Belfiore collected pay and tells. Highlights:

The raffle raised $65.

Program: Delia Horwitz, owner of Business Relationship Consultants, presented “Living a Collaborative Life.”

  • The pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for creativity, shuts down when we get anxious or frustrated.
  • Collaboration is our natural state. Biomimicry looks at how nature does things and models processes or technology after it.Nature as a whole is more cooperative than competitive. We should and can be, too.
  • Challenge: find the strengths and creativity in others to help us reach our goals. How can my next action be mutualistic? Find small ways to be encouraging in every day situations.
  • Be like the live oak trees in New Orleans that stayed standing after hurricane Katrina because their roots were intertwined.
  • What if we approached everyone everyday as if they had a matching puzzle piece to ours?
  • Most dictionaries still describe collaborators as traitors — collaborating with the enemy. Collaboration, as we’re discussing it, is relatively new.
  • Break down the word: Co-lab-oration. Doing things together. Experimenting. Speaking out.
  • What could you create or solve if you started working with the right people?
  • Benefits of collaboration: shared workload, elevate the whole group, make friends, win awards
  • How to collaborate: identify a clear purpose; gather stakeholder input; decide the question to discuss; align on common themes; plan what, who, when; confirm next steps

For more: (805) 215-3717

As always, 15 dictionaries will be donated to 3rd graders in honor of the speaker.

Meeting adjourned.

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