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Weiland’s Words: The Fiddlers’ Convention Is on the Way

September 28, 2011

The days are getting shorter.  As I write this, the sun is peeking over the mountain tops and it is after 7 AM.  It feels like just a few short days ago the day started before 6.  Soon we’ll be standing in the breakfast line and looking at the garden of the SB club at a day just barely beginning.  This is the way of things and part of the rhythm that keeps us in tune with the natural world.
FiddlerFall also makes me think of the Fiddlers’ Festival.  The event ends with our club picking up the tables and chairs at the close of the day in a race against the setting sun.  The day is a perfect Rotary Day.  Our club arrives early, finishing the set up, prepping the kitchen, putting the stages in place, arranging the front gate, setting out the trash cans and arranging the CD and T-shirt booth.  The musicians and festival-goers show up, one by one or in groups. You can hear the beginnings of the jam sessions as they sprout up.  Within a couple of hours the place is humming.  A community is formed that did not exist mere hours before.  Children are laughing and running about, old and young are working out complicated (or not…I can’t tell) musical riffs that they share, and contestants are doing their best to show their talents and place in the money.

I have walked around the event and the Rotarians are having a good time.  The food booth has started to hum.  You can smell the tri-tip cooking away throughout the entire event.  The front gate has a line building and there is excitement as our volunteers try to keep it all in order.  Even the back gate has some activity.  Everyone is chatting with their coworkers, smiling and laughing at whatever the joke of the moment is.  The T-shirts are sold, the raffle is offered, CDs are dispersed.  I see student volunteers earning their community hours, working alongside adults learning the meaning of community.  In the background to all of this is music.  Mankind’s universal language is the binding force to this event; seems appropriate.

I think of this as the perfect Rotary event in that it accomplishes many goals.  It brings us together, it builds the community, it offers opportunity for people to participate, it raises money and it is over in a day.  A long day.  In years and communities past there have always been annual activities like this, joining together for a harvest, a round up, a barn building or another type of event that lasts all day and requires a community to achieve.

I think that this is why there is always an enormous sense of satisfaction as the sun is going down at the end of this day.  In our modern day, this is a way for all of us to tap into an age old rhythm.  The rhythm of a community coming together to a harvest and the rhythm of the days growing shorter; all set to music. How perfect is that?

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  1. Willy Abel permalink
    September 28, 2011 3:01 PM

    Very poetic, Joe, I love it. Couldn’t express the thought in a better way! Cheers, Willy

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