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Hoedown Details

October 11, 2011

Congratulations to our club for another excellent job of putting on the Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention! The club came together to have a good time and get the work done.  It was great to see everyone at another sun- and music-filled day at the Stow House.  Now that the work is done it’s time to have fun!  While there has been a lot of excitement about our day out at Hollister Ranch, I have until now been trying to keep the focus on the Fiddlers’ Convention.   We can now shift our focus to the upcoming event….

I have had more than a few questions about this weekend’s Hoedown.    What time should we be there? Is it right on the beach?  What is the dinner plan?  Do I have to surf?  What about friends and dogs?  Etc.    I would like to help detail the answers that we all are looking for…..
First and foremost the Hoedown is simply a BBQ that is in a good place, which is to say that other than arrive at noon, food at 3 and then music and dancing, there is no agenda.    People will have to decide if they want to lounge on the sand, go for a beach walk, grab some waves, play some horseshoes, relax and chat, or see which beer is the best.  At the end of the event, everyone will need to decide what time they want to head home.  I think the real question here is, before or after the sunset…….?

Now the specifics:  We will be at Bulito Cabana, which is about 4-5 miles past the gate along the main road of the ranch, which follows the ocean.   The cabana is a small pavilion that has a sink, bathrooms and a couple of showers.  It is set facing the ocean with a cement patio that can hold around forty people.   The cabana overlooks a field that has a few picnic tables, horseshoe pits and a path to steps that lead to the beach.   Think of a county beach park without any crowds or graffiti.

The meal will be served at 3 PM and is partially catered by the same group that has catered our Holiday Party for the last couple of years. To keep our costs low, we will be enlisting our sunrise BBQ team to grill up a traditional BBQ of tri tip and chicken.  Yes, you can be on the BBQ team!  All you have to do is volunteer.   After the meal the music will start.  Gary and his Shepherd’s Pie will be playing and backing a Caller who will lead us in square and line dancing.

What to bring:  Chairs, toys and your favorite beverage (there will be non alcoholic beverages provided).  There are some picnic tables and we will bring some of our Sunrise tables, but everyone should bring their favorite folding chair for the beach and to have up at the cabana.  Also bring beach toys:  surfboards, wetsuits, Frisbees, walking shoes and anything else that you might like.  The bikers in the club might want to bring mountain bikes and ride up to the ridge on the back roads.  Just be back in time for the BBQ!

What to wear:  Everyone should dress comfortably and bring layers.  It could be a beautiful 80-degree day or the wind could come up.  When it gets windy at Hollister it gets very windy.  I do not expect this in October, which is why we have set the timing for this weekend.  But as we know, it is on the beach and it will start to cool as the sun goes down.

How can you help? We will need some help with the set up of the BBQ and the grilling as well as the breakdown and cleanup.  We will have a sign up at the club meeting on Wednesday.
How to get there: Head North on Highway 101 to the Gaviota County Park exit, on your left before you get to the tunnel. Just before the entrance to the park, turn right and head up the hill and follow this road for about a half mile.  You will come to the Hollister Ranch gate house.  Your name will be on the guest list.  I am giving them every club member’s and spouse’s name even if you did not sign up—just in case you can make it at the last minute.  If your name is not on the guest list they will not let you in.   From here, follow the road for approximately 4-5 miles or 15-20 minutes.  I strongly recommend that you stop and enjoy the sights along the way.  There are a number of overlooks that will take your breath away.   The trickiest part of this is to find the turn for Bulito Road to the cabana.  We will put up a sign to help everyone find it.  Take the road over the railroad tracks and take a right.  You cannot miss it from here.

I am very excited about the day.  This fits more into the Fun part of my “Fewer Meetings, More Fun” theme for this Rotary year.  I hope that everyone can be a part of this day!

FYI: High tide is at noon, 5.12 ft.  Low tide is at 7:36pm, .73 ft.   The sunset is at 6:25pm so low tide will be around sunset, which means those that enjoy a particularly beautiful scene will not be disappointed.

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