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Minutes: The One with the Data You Cannot Get Rid of (10/05/11)

October 12, 2011

Greeter: Tim Marne
Invocation: Don Bennet
Flag: Joanne Schoenfeld
Raffle: Karen Napel – wine and a gas card
Guests: Debra Wallace, Doris Johnson, John Troxel

Club announcements:

  • Fiddlers’ Convention is on October 9 – last chance to sign-up.  Will get a lot of press.  Thank sponsors.  Park off-site.
  • Sunrise Hollister Hoe Down – October 16. It’s 9 miles of beachfront.
  • GSE Reception – October 18.  We need help with transportation
  • District Conference – October 20-23.  there is a price break until October 8.
  • SB Sunrise Foundation – received a  certificate of appreciation for contributions to keep the city pool open.
  • Connard will be bringing a scan card letter ot help members re-sign up at local grocery stores for fundraising.
  • La Colina is having a career day. You can sign-up online.

Speaker: John Troxel, Computer Forensics

  • Emails have information that is typically not seen but available.
  • Everything you do on a computer is detectable.  The evidence is there!
  • Most of us don’t really know how a computer works; we just use one.
  • Many times, the hard drive is the only place evidence exists
  • Evidence may also exists on GPS, cell phones, cameras, iPods, iPads.
  • Cloud computing maintains information off the hard drive.
  • The computer has a master file table that is like an index about where information is stored on a hard drive.
  • Time is of the essence as information is overwritten.
  • Stats:
    • 95% of information never gets printed
    • Employees spend an average of 75 minutes a day on non-work activities
    • 705 of all internet porn is consumed during the work day
    • 825 of e-crimes are by employees
  • Computer forensics is focused on data that is evidence. It’s different than electronic forensics.
  • Keep the computer static – do not open, close, search, or change it in any way if you need to retrieve data from it.
  • Key Advice:
    • Secure your network
    • Don’t reuse a hard drive immediately when an employee is terminated
    • think about hard drives of copy machines
    • Use a wiping program if donating a computer
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