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Minutes: The One with the Sailors (10/19/11)

October 23, 2011
President Joe Weiland called the meeting to order.
Invocation: Karen Kawaguchi. Decide what you want your obituary to say and live your life backward.
Flag salute: Jody Dolan Holehouse
Raffle: Darren Doi. Two movie passes and a gift certificate to Palazzio.

Visiting rotarians: GSE team member Yeong-mi Kim (aka Betty); GSE team member In-Suk Jang
Guests: Sue wilmer; Virginia Johns; Bill Gilfore; Mike Amory; Pete Lessors; Duncan Shay; Teresa Moscano; Jill Ireland

Club announcements:

  • Brazilians. A District Governor from Brazil and two others will be at Mulligans at 6:30 tonight for dinner. Join Colin and Angela.
  • Rotarians at Work vests. Bill Boyd showed the Rotarians at Work jackets and offered them to members who didn’t get one before.
  • Ralphs Rewards Card. Connard Hogan asked all members to link their Ralphs Rewards cards to our Rotary Club. Now you can just use your Ralphs card and scan the sheet provided to link to the account. A portion of all of your spending at Ralphs gets donated to our foundation. Every quarter you need to re-activate the account.
  • Banner presentation. Connard Hogan presented a banner from the Phillippines. A former GSE host, from Janet’s trip, came to SB.
  • Career Day speakers needed. Susan Klein-Rothschild invited all members to speak at the career days at SB schools. Dates include Oct. 26, Nov. 18, Jan. 17, and Feb. 24.
  • Fiddlers’ photos. Sandy Grasso-Boyd created a Fiddlers’ Festival convention photo album with about 175 photos! See the album being passed around or view the online Fiddlers’ photo album here.
  • Fiddlers committee. Meet 10/27 at 5:30 PM at MTD. Ask Andy Doerr if you need more details.

Presidents announcements

  • Board meeting after today’s meeting. Everyone is welcome.
  • GSE team is visiting from South Korea.Welcome them.
  • District conference this weekend. It’s a great way to get to see Rotary beyond this room, beyond this club. It’s in Carpinteria, and it will be lovely. Friday night includes reception with cocktails at Carpinteria Womens Club. Saturday has plenary sessions, multiple fun afternoon activities (chocolate and wine tour, passport to Carpinteria, Nursery tour, beach party). Dinner at Boys and Girls Club. Sunday is only $10 for a day at the beach. There’s also a car show, dungeoness crab festival, and more!
  • Tuesday night rendezvous. About 25 members and GSE team members got together at Dargans for the Tuesday night rendezvous.
  • Happy birthday and happy anniversary to all.
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery: Joanne Schoenfeld and Scott Johnson went to breakfast. They rode up the pass on his motorcycle and ate in Buellton. New pair: Joe Weiland and David Velarde
  • Pay and tell with sergeant at arms Graham Guess.
Program: Running the Transpac with Bill Gilfore
  • He races the sailboat Prevail in ocean races.
  • The race from Long Beach to Hawaii started in 1909 and is held every other year. It’s 2,200 miles and takes about 10 days.
  • He said there is no greater team sport than boat racing.
  • They brought a defibralator and a first aid kit.
  • They used a weather router prior to the race. There is no assistance after the race starts.
  • The first challenge is getting away from the coast since winds are affected by the land.
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