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Thanks for the Hollister Ranch Hoedown

October 23, 2011
Surfer Joe Overlooking Drake's Bay

Yeah, it's like that.

Thanks to President Joe Weiland and all of the club members who made the Hollister Ranch Hoedown on October 16 such a fun afternoon.

If you missed it, you can see some of the fun in the Hoedown photo gallery here.

Highlights included:

  • Absurdly lovely weather. Sunny, but not hot. Breezy, but not windy. Clear water.
  • An absurdly lovely location.
  • Delicious food, including BBQ tri-tip and chicken, salad, garlic bread,fingerling potatoes, beans and a sweet assortment of desserts. Grillmaster Bill Abel cooked the meat just right.
  • Happy dogs representing at least six breeds.
  • Bocce ball and horseshoes.
  • Live musical entertainment by Shepherd’s Pie, starring our own Gary Jensen.
  • Live dancing entertainment by our members and their guests, featuring such calls as “Promenade now!” and “No, your other left.”
  • Cows on the road.
  • A few cowboy hats.
  • Fresh brewed espresso, lattes and other caffeinated pleasures.
  • David Velarde and Tom Heath in spandex after biking to Hollister Ranch. Maybe “highlight” is the wrong word here.
  • Countless whelks, clams, crabs, anemones and other sea life in the tidepools.
When can we do it again?
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  1. Barely Abel permalink
    October 30, 2011 12:59 PM

    Joe Weiland did most of the serious grilling. We both attempted to “rescue” the still frozen
    chicken from becoming something that would contribute to global warming (large carbon
    footprints) with little success. We need to modify the bbq so that the grill can be adjusted
    upwards and downwards to allow for different temperatures…apologies for charcoal chicken! The day was absolutely perfect! Thanks to Joe for the opportunity to enjoy the
    California coast little changed from human impact. Cheers, Willy Abel

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