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Minutes: The One with 3 PDGs at One Table (10/26/2011)

October 27, 2011

President Joe Weiland called the meeting to order.

Invocation: Janet Napier read an excerpt from a Langston Hughes poem.
Flag salute: Andy Doerr led the club in the pledge.
Raffle: Andrew Chung brought a $50 gift certificate for dinner and a bottle of Lincourt Pinot Noir. Our guests provideda Mexican doll.

Visiting Rotarians:  Rosslyn Ray, District 4160 PDG Jorge Ramirez, Chuy Ramirez, District 4160 PDG 2010-2011 David Hernandez, Tony Hernandez.

Guests: Corey Adam from El Puente, Crispin Cooley, Catherine Cooley, Savannah Cooley, Vibeke Weiland, Evy Weiland, Tor Weiland, Jackie Polanco, Sonia Polanco.

Ole got a member badge, so that he will no longer be a “guest.”

Joe presented a club banner to the District 4160 guests.

Club announcements

  • Luz Maria Ortiz Smith invited club members to attend the District 4160 Conference in Mexico. It’s April 26-29, 2012.
  • Rosslyn Ray came to thank GSE hosts Gary Jensen and Andrew Chung.
  • Susan Klein Rothschild presented the El Puente Student of the month to Jackie Polanco for her commitment, work ethic and attendance.
  • Welcome to Jill Ireland, AKA Jill VanAllen. President Joe inducted Jill VanAllen into the club. Gary Jensen gave her a welcome bag. Sherrie Fisher is Jill’s sponsor and mentor. She looks forward to serving with the club globally and locally.
  • Bob McPhillips announced that we’ve already sent more than $2,600 to the Horn of Africa fund. There are still some outstanding pledges.
  • Diana Cecala provided an update on the mentor program. Although some students aren’t showing up, it’s going well for those who are.
  • Don Bennett. Bell ringing will be four weekends in December. You’ll be able to sign up online.
  • Dennis Johns held up a tent stake leftover from Fiddlers’.
  • Andy Doerr reminded members that the Fiddlers’ debriefing meeting is at 5:30 PM 10/27 at MTD. Results: This year did not make as much money as last year.

President’s announcements

  • Jill distributed Rotary International pins from president Kalyn to all members.
  • Colin Stephens provided a District conference recap. It was in Carpinteria. He and Angela hosted visitors from Brazil. bill Abel hosted a guest from Mexico. He presented a flag from them to brazil. Colin explained that if you peel a banana from the bottom, you don’t get the membrane.
  • Lily Carey will move to Los Angeles soon and will be leaving the club. We wish her great luck in her retirement and future. Please join us for a farewell celebration on Tuesday, Nov. , at Casa Blanca at 5:30. There will be margaritas.
  • Happy birthdays to Steve Mascagno and Bill Ringer. All October birthday members are having lunch at Arts &Letters cafe at noon on Friday, 10/28. If Gary missed you, you’re invited. The pumpkin soup there is Lily Carey’s recipe.
  • Rotary lunch lottery: progress, but no reports. The new pair is Scott Burns and Eric Ryan.
  • Raffle winners: Liz Werhane and Jill VanAllen.

Pay and tell with sergeant at arms Bill Boyd.

Program: Scott Burns introduced Savannah Cooley. She presented about her 10-month Youth Exchange in District 4470 of Brazil.

  • She lived in Campo Grande. She traveled to Curitiba. Camburiu and Nordeste.
  • Campo Grande is in the SW region of Brazil. Things you find in Campo Grande: capybara, 1 shopping mall for 1 million people, Yerba mate, acai berry from the rainforest.
  • She lived on the top floor of a 25-story apartment building. The family also had a ranch with cows! And delicious things like fruit, cheese, milk.
  • Her school was Escola Paulo Freire: It was named for Paulo Freire, who brought attention to the fact that poverty hinders a student’s education. He was an early member of the political party that now holds the presidency.
  • When she arrived, she didn’t speak Portuguese.
  • She went on a Northeast trip — 31 days. Thanks to the Rotarians who made it possible. “This was the most amazing trip of my entire life.”
  • Other cities she visited and some notes: Florianopolis (island); Brasilia (capital); Meceio (best beach); Fortaleza, Ceara (world’s tallest waterslide); Salvador, Bahia; Rio de Janeiro (from slums to Copa Cabana Beach)
  • Back at home: goes to Midland boarding school in Los Olivos. She chops wood to heat the shower. It’s actually to teach students to not take energy and such for granted. All students have a job.
  • She now dreams in Portuguese sometimes.
  • Life was quite different there, but she still peels a banana the same way.
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