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Minutes: The One with the Afghanistan Photos (11/09/2011)

November 15, 2011
President Joe Weiland called the meeting to order

Invocation: Darren Doi
Flag Salute: Scott Johnson
Raffle: Tim Marme

Visiting Rotarians: Tom W.
Guests: Julie Reed, Stuart Orenstein, Isabel Denise Ocampo, Maria OCampo, Aaron Gillen, Matt Talbot

Club Announcements:

  • El Puente Student of the Month: Susan Klein-Rothschild introduced student of the month Isabel Denise OCampo. She was joined by her mother Maria OCampo and teacher Aaron Gillen.
  • Betsy Munroe invites the club to a Tupperware party, but she would like to uninvite the men and invite their wives. This is a women in Rotary event. Nov. 17 from 6-8 at Betsy’s house. Please RSVP soon so that they can have a headcount to order food.
  • Jody Dolan Holehouse described the Annual Charitable Commitment form. Get the form here. fine card fees go into the SB Sunrise Charitable Foundation. Please fill out the form, write a single check, write your name on the form, give the form and check to Bob McPhillips or Jody.
  • Rotaract is having a meeting next Tuesday at 6:30 PM at the Maritime Museum. It will be a joint meeting with the Interact Club.
  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein talked about a Russian exchange student Irena, who is now getting married on Friday. She’s passing around a card for members to sign.
  • Diana Cecala announced the club holiday party. It will be Dec. 10 from 6-10 at the Moscagnos. The committee is accepting new members. We’re looking for Mrs. Claus or Mr. Claus. Does anyone have their phone number?
  • Don Bennett encouraged people to sign up for bell ringing for Salvation Army. Shifts begin the Saturday following Thanksgiving, lasting for 4 Saturdays with 4 shifts on each day. Dogs, cats, kids, ukeleles and Tupperware are welcome — anything to attract attention. Sign up online on The Blogle only. Dana was the first person to sign up. We need 32 volunteers.

President’s announcements:

  • Joe Weiland ended up with extra clothes after the hoedown. Are they yours?
  • District Governor cha cha cha is Loretta Butts. The incoming sequence is Frank Ortiz, Jack McClenathan and then Loretta.
  • Jan. 28: The Symposium to End Poverty Sustainably (STEPS) will be held at UC Santa Barbara.
  • Rose Parade float decorating is coming in December. We help decorate the Rotary float. Contact Walt Stephens.
  • Tuesday night rendezvous at Casa Blanca. Tom Heath went by himself and have 5 bowls of chips and 20 margaritas. Next week the happy hour will be at Wildcat to enjoy the Farmers’ Market special, a cocktail made with fresh local ingredients.
  • Happy belated birthday President Joe!
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery: postponed to next week
  • Raffle: raised $77. May need new tickets next week. Winner: Jim Ruh

Program: Matt Talbott, filmmaker of “Bomb Hunters Afghanistan.” Look for it on the National Geographic Channel.

  • He was embedded with the 23rd unit in Afghanistan from Alaska. They drive and walk along the road looking for IADs to detonate.
  • He had never been in a war zone. He was never in the military.
  • The operation is massive. ISAF troops are there from around the world.
  • Within the first day in Afghanistan, he wanted to go home, and he wanted his mom.
  • The next day he goes out past the wire with the troops. He sees the landscape, men and children — not women. He sees a few women in full burkas. Kids along the road cheer, jeer and ask for food and water.
  • Base is well equipped — hot water, electricity, video games, air conditioning…
  • Roads named for beer brands and basketball teams.
  • They blew up an IAD.
  • TBI – traumatic brain injury- was common as was post traumatic stress disorder -PTSD.
  • Most of the guys he rode with had been blown up 1-4 times.
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  1. Bill Abel permalink
    November 16, 2011 3:17 AM

    Afghanistan has a history of being disappointing to outsiders
    trying to change things within…

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