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Minutes: The One with Nurse Jones (11/16/2011)

December 8, 2011

Meeting called to order.

Greeters: E. Russell Smith

Invocation: Fred Gaeden

Flag Salute: Chris Baxter

Raffle: Susan Klein-Rothschild brought scotch whiskey and chocolate

Club Announcements:

  • Poinsettia sales: As seen in a prior Blogle post, poinsettias are available for purchase from the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North
  • Cottage Hospital tour: Dana Goba announced that our club will have a vocational outing at the new hospital on January 8.
  • Bell Ringing: We need more volunteers to fill the available spots for Salvation Army bell ringing. We have the best spot — by Nordstrom!

President’s Announcements:

  • No meeting on 11/23/2011. We are dark.
  • Symposium to Eliminate Poverty Sustainably (STEPS) will be January 28 at UCSB.
  • Rose Parade Float Decorating on Jan. 31. Bus costs $35 and departs at 2 PM.
  • Membership Chair Gary Jensen says new members are welcome.
  • Rotary lunch lottery: New pair is Jody Dolan Holehouse and Connard Hogan

Program: Nurse Pauline Jones from Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care

  • Pauline has been a nurse in SB for 1.5 years.
  • VNHC, founded in 1908, is a not-for-profit organization and one of 2 hospice organizations in SB. It’s Medicare and MediCal certified.
  • It offers programs you wouldn’t expect like dental care for children and an environment for children with tuberculosis.
  • Hospice care is comfort for people who won’t get well.
  • People who will get well can pay for private duty personal care services.
  • They have an equipment closet to loan medical gear to people like a library.
  • About 10 weeks ago, VNHC opened a new facility called Serenity House.
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