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Minutes: The One with the Balancing Act (01/18/2012)

January 18, 2012

Greeter:  Chris Tucker
Invocation:  Bruce Belfiore
Raffle:  Colin Stephens brought a basket of teas, chocolate, and Baileys. Raffle winner: Julie Joy Stillwell

Visiting Rotarians: Bob Katsev (sp)
Guests: Edgar Lara, Mirna Lara, Doug  Lynch, Captain Phil Smith, (speaker), Sue Wilmer, Cory

Club Announcements

  • Susan Klein-Rothschild and President Joe Weiland presented the El Puente Student of the Month to Edgar Lara. He was joined by his mother and teacher.
  • Celaya, Mexico Cataract Surgery. This project has been supported by Sunrise Rotary since 1992. E. Russell Smith asked for donations to match $500 donated to support this project.
  • Collections for new baby. Rotary members are asked to donate for Graham Guess’s new baby girl, Lulu. Then, Graham and Zoe will be challenged to match the amount, and their parents will be asked to match the new amount to begin a college fund for Lulu.
  • Bill Wilmer announced the next Fireside chat, which is a great chance to learn about Rotary.  It’s Friday, January 27, at 7 p.m. at the home of Gary and Cheryl Jensen.
  • Captain Phil Smith of the Salvation Army thanked our club for participating in bell ringing.  Sunrise Rotary raised $1,775 in 4 days!  A total of $45,000 was raised this year.
  • The first 2012 Fiddlers’ Festival planning meeting is being scheduled – Andy Doerr asked for your support.

President’s Announcements:

  • Joe spoke with Tim Durnin. The surgery went well. He’s in good spirits.
  • The STEPS Program will be January 28 at UCSB. Sign-up online at
  • Join a hands-on project in Mexico.  There is a lot of information on the District website.
  • The Tuesday night rendezvous for January 24 will be at the Canary Hotel at 5:30 PM.
  • Bill Wilmer will lead the January 25 meeting in Joe’s absence.
  • Lunch Lottery. Steve Boehm and Luz Maria are the newly selected pair for lunch.
  • India celebrates a year without a diagnosis of a case of Polio.

Program: Petra Beumer presents “Balancing Your Life, Managing Your Energy”

  • She is a health educator with Sansum’s weight management program.
  • Ask yourself, “What do I want less of?  What do I want more of?”
  • Research found that low energy, fatigue, aches and pains, sleep disturbances, and racing heart are some of the signs of being out of balance.
  • Petra distributed the life balance wheel.  She asked members to fill in each spoke of the wheel to reflect their level of satisfaction in each area. Areas include spiritual, career, finances, physical environment, health, fun, education, friends, family, significant other.
  • There is a comfort zone, a stretch zone and a stress zone.
  • Strategies – Set your intention to have a good day.  Monitor on a daily basis.  Take 10 minutes a day for yourself.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Don’t work through lunch.  Prioritize what matters most in your life.  Practice deep breathing.
  • Issues may be related to transitions such as changing energy levels and changing cognitive levels.  Identify a vision for the next year of 5 years.  Does my life fit for what I want now?
  • Pay attention to our mind.  “Buddha’s Brain” a book recommended.
  • Petra suggested each individual pick an area on our own life balance wheel where we need more attention.  Identify an action step, who we will recruit for support, what are the obstacles, and what skills we bring to succeed in this action.
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