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Minutes: The One with Bill Wilmer at the Helm (01/25/2012)

January 29, 2012

Substitute president Bill Wilmer called the meeting to order.

Greeters:  Janet Napier , Jill Ireland
Invocation:  Gary Jensen
Raffle:  Steve Kally brought a Valentine’s Day basket. Connard Hogan won the basket.

Visiting Rotarians:  Bill Dutton
Guests:  Christine Yee, Alexia Parks


  • Collections for Graham Guess‘s new baby girl: $250 was collected from the club last week.
  • Fiddler’s Festival. The planning meeting for the annual event will be held 1/26 at MTD at 5:30 PM.
  • Golf tournament planning. The annual Rotary golf tournament is scheduled for Monday, May 21. Golf starts at noon. We are seeking sponsors.
  • French exchange student. A French student needs housing for 3 weeks in July when he comes to study English.  If you are interested in hosting, let Ole know.
  • January 28. The Symposium To Eliminate Poverty Sustainably will be held from 9 – 4 at UC Santa Barbara.
  • Miracle in March Project. The first Cataract project was held in March in Mexico where more than 80 Cataract surgeries were performed. Bill encouraged Rotary members to think about participating in the upcoming Cataract surgery event.
  • Blogle. Great work Liz!
  • Tuesday night Rendezvous: Brewhouse on Montecito street for 1/31.
  • Lunch Lottery. A new pair for lunch will be chosen next week.
  • Fireside Chat. Friday at 7 PM at the home of Gary Jensen. Look forward to all who have signed up and any others please join us.

Program: Alexia Parks

  • Her latest book, “A Woman’s Brain Is Hardwired to Save the World,” will come out in March.
  • 61% of Americans want to be their own boss.
  • Alexia looked at the profiles of 8 self-reliant entrepreneurs for her previous book.
  • The world is going flat. For instance, China is on track to become the largest English-speaking country in the world.
  • Each chapter of the book speaks to an individual’s story and how they made things work in this economy. The chapters provide resources and describe  what we can learn from the experiences of these entrepreneurs.
  • It’s what your heart that determines what you want to do.
  • is a great resource for starting a business
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  1. Joe Weiland permalink
    January 31, 2012 11:24 AM

    Sounds like I missed a great meeting. Bill Thank you for taking over!!!

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