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Minutes: The One with Bill Wilmer’s Farewell (03/28/2012)

March 28, 2012

In President Joe Weiland’s absence, Scott Burns called the meeting to order.

Greeters:  Diana Cecala, Susan Klein-Rothschild
Invocation : Judith McCaffrey
Flag salute:  Bill Wilmer
Raffle:  Julie Joy Stillwell brought wine. Fred Gaeden won.

Visiting Rotarians: Fahid Farah (Rotaract)
Guests: Jeff Boehm, Sue Wilmer, Dr. Dan Secort, David Groom, Suzanne Jacobson, Bo, Mike Brown


  • Rotaract – This group is currently recruiting officers and continuing to recruit students. They meet in Goleta and Santa Barbara.
  • May 21 Golf Tournament: Ask people to play or make donations.
  • District assembly on March 31. See David Velarde for applications.
  • May 18 zoo day for Rotary members.
  • Elings Park April 28 Rotarians at Work Day.
  • Bills for the first quarter were distributed by Sandy.
  • Tuesday night rendezvous was at Brewhouse.
  • Bill Wilmer informed us he was leaving Rotary. Club members shared some remembrances.  The ukelele group played in his honor.

Program: Mike Brown

  • Worked in city and county management for more than 40 years.
  • He now works for a government watch dog organization – COLAB.
  • They monitor local governments and support an environment that is good for business.  They also have a radio show.  They do a lot of government advocacy.
  • Assembly Bill 32 – Focuses on the reduction of greenhouse gases. This law says each region sets targets to reduce gases/carbon dioxide and minimize the impacts of climate change. Many other laws have been implemented in the same vein.
  • In Santa Barbara County, a plan is being developed to reduce the greenhouse gases. The thinking is, if we live in a more dense community, we drive less and decrease the carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Neighborhoods do not want more dense development in their areas. Do you grow up or grow out or do you stop?
  • They are seeing efforts to bar events to minimize traffic and driving. San Luis Obispo is looking at an ordinance that will severely limit business.  This is a irrational response that is a result of the theory.
  • An example of the types of problems we are creating for ourselves in response to greenhouse emissions.
  • In this fiscal environment, why don’t we just stop for a few years? It’s not a good time to impose a severe land use control.
  • The Central Coast produces little in the way of gas emissions. It’s mostly from the Los Angeles area.
  • Make decisions on the hard science and data.
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