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Meet Jill Ireland

March 29, 2012

The Blogle staff met up with Jill Ireland and learned a bit more about one of our newer members. Do you have more questions for Jill? Please post them in the comments.

What would you choose for your last meal?
Roast Lamb, Silveroak Cab, and an organically grown farmers market fresh salad with bosch pear and goat cheese.   

Why did you decide to join Rotary?
To meet interesting people with a heart for service and to push myself to live everyday with a purpose of service above self.

What are one or two things you hope to do as a Rotarian
Make a meaningful contribution to a local and international project. To attend the Rotary International Convention.

Name three of your accomplishments that not everyone knows.

  • Played the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz in high-school ballet.
  • Half Marathon Women’s Master Champion at Long Beach International City.
  • Climbed Matterhorn, Cotapaxi, Chimborazo, and Whitney.

Where did you go to college?
UCSC and Monterey Institute of International Studies

What did you study in college?
Latin American Studies, International Marketing

What’s your favorite part of your job?
Meeting with clients or new prospects and feeling like I am helping them in a meaningful way for their business.  I love finding and providing solutions.

Cats or dogs?
Both, but people who know me would say cats.

Best book you’ve read or movie you’ve seen in the past year?
The Help, Unbroken

Magazines you subscribe to?
Sunset, Consumer Reports, The Week

Where’s your favorite place on earth?
Santa Barbara. Beaches of Thailand. Mountains of Peru.    

What’s your favorite race and why
Boston Marathon- its tradition and the course.  The  race starts 26.2 miles out of Boston. The gun goes off and the only sound is that of the runners breathing, their feet hitting the pavement and little bits of conversation amongst the runners. The street is lined with trees, no people. With every mile, more people, houses, buildings, noise… At mile 13 you pass Wellesley College and it’s crazy loud. The energy carriers you. At mile 19 you start Heartbreak Hill and the next seven miles is all mental. The runners are quiet, digging deep to overcome the pain the body is starting to feel. The only sound now are the crowds encouraging the runners to keep going. It is a  great build up to the finish line.

What should people know when shopping for running shoes?
Know your feet. Buy shoes for your feet, body type, running style, NOT for the color or brand.

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