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Minutes: The One about the Fiddlers’ Convention (04/04/2012)

April 5, 2012

Invocation:  Connard Hogan
Flag Salute:  Tara Stoker
Rafffle:  Mark Rheinhardt brought a bottle of port and 4 glasses

Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests:  Jeff Boehm, Bill Wilmer


  • David Vo was honored as an official  new member of Rotary. He turned in his red badge.
  • The Rotary Foundation of Santa Barbara Sunrise is accepting applications for community grants.  Go to the Club Runner website for the club or send David Velarde an email.
  • Golf Tournament on May 21.  Please invite players.  There are prizes on 8 of the 18 holes.  Staffing for the event will be done a little closer to the event.  Fill out the sheets and start sending in the checks.  Thank you to Connard for providing an item for the silent auction.
  • Club Runner emails should not be used for personal purposes.
  • Bill Abel is at Stuart Coville’s funeral service.  He was a past president. Please sign the card.
  • April 28 is the Elings Park work day.
  • We will be dark on April 16.

Club Assembly – Discussion about Fiddlers’ Convention

  • The purpose of this discussion is to provide background to new club members, to provide a history of our club’s involvement, and discuss changes that we are considering this year.
  • Fiddlers’ convention started in 1971 by Peter Feldman at the UCSB lagoon. It moved to Stow House and it was run by Peter Feldman until about 15 years ago. He sold the rights to the Goleta Historical Society. Stowe House didn’t want to do it any longer. Two musicians wanted to keep it going and wanted it to be done for a service oriented organization. The club voted and agreed we wanted to do it and later voted for the Foundation to take over ownership.
  • It became a fundraiser and community service event.  It is an opportunity for musicians to come together and other community members to enjoy the music and have fun together.
  • Financial results from the last convention were reviewed. [Editor’s note: The fundraising total is available to club members. I’m choosing not to include it on a public site.] The admission fees were good last year even with the increase in cost. The sponsor revenue decreased and the costs for entertainment increased significantly.
  • A number of things have changed over the years including who sells T-shirts and food, the admission cost, taking credit cards on-site and allowing people to buy tickets online. We changed the parking. There was a concert the night before.  There are a number of variables.
  • Planned changes this year are to have fewer and lower cost headliners, experts contestants on the main stage, revisiting the pricing structure, and more outreach to potential sponsors.  It will take everyone to help, not just the committee.
  • Increasing sponsors or donors to the event brings opportunities to increase revenue. Many of the participants at the festival are repeaters. There are few newcomers. One idea is to get sponsorship to a level where an entrance fee is not necessary to encourage new participants. The cost of the festival is about $25,000.
  • The name is potentially limiting. It’s the Fiddler’s Convention.
  • Unless we are wiling to change the format significantly, we will not get different demographics. We need people to get involved on committees and get involved before the day of the event.
  • Joe provided a summary of the discussion. We do have a club that has joy, pride and affection for this event.  There is agreement to change the name.  There will changes that continue to be made. Communication from the committee to the club needs to include an outline of the committee structure using email to get out to everyone. We want more involvement at the club level.
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  1. Joe Weiland permalink
    April 10, 2012 11:02 AM


    Thank you for the consise summary of our club assembly. This very valuable to the members that were unable to attend as well as for the club as a whole. Nice work!


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