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Still sailing: An update from Dennis Johns

April 17, 2012

Submitted by PEN Betsy Monroe

“We are currently in the Galapagos and are having fabulous weather (hot and humid but there is a breeze in the afternoon that cools everything down).  We took a trip into Peru to tour Machu Picchu before we headed over to the Galapagos – that was very interesting but lots of travelling for just a few days in the Andes. 
Cruising the Galapagos is quite expensive and the jury is still out as to it being worth it.  Virginia and our other crew member took a tour of Isla Isabela hoping to spot boobies and penguins.  I stayed on board to do projects.  We’ll be here until the middle of April and then head off for the Marquesas (20+ days at sea – yikes!). 
We are staying well but we both had a short bout with food poisoning as you eat this and that and nothing happens so you get a little over-confident and eat something you would normally question, and wham, you are in trouble for a few days. 
We are hoping the southern trade winds will come soon and give us the right crossing conditions to get to the Marquesas.  There are over 40 boats here now waiting to do this trip so we will have lots of company.  I attended two different Rotary club meetings in Ecuador, and their memberships are down and they are having trouble funding their programs.  Internet is spotty so not sure when I will be in touch again.”
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