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Minutes: The One with the Camp Whittier Update (04/18/2011)

April 18, 2012

Greeters:  Chris Tucker, Luz Maria Ortiz Smith
Invocation:  Joanne Schoenfeld
Flag Salute: Sandra O’Meara
Raffle:  Chris Tucker brought a gift basket and Don Bennett won.  The raffle raised more than $100!

Visiting Rotarians:  Bobbie Ruh, Roz Ray
Guests:  Leah (exchange student) and Emma (host sister to Leah), Jeff Boehm, Chris Ryan


  • Community Service Projects –  Susan Klein-Rothschild pointed to a document on each table and asked all club members to make a check mark next to community service projects they would like to continue as a club as well as those they would like to personally participate in.  Suggestions for new projects were also solicited.
  • Check for wheelchairs – A $25,000 check was received as a matching grant for wheelchairs.  This funding will support wheelchairs delivered in India.
  • Dictionaries –  Julie Joy Stillwell stated that Liz Werhane has offered a Citrix conference room to  sticker and prepare dictionaries for delivery to 3rd graders. Meet at 7410 Hollister at 6 PM on April 19.
  • Montecito Golf tournament – Roz let Sunrise members know that the Montecito club golf tournament is coming up in May.
  • Fiddlers – Andy Doerr reported that there will be no meeting on Fiddler’s Convention this week.
  • Sunrise Golf Tournament –  We have about 72 golfers signed up.  We are looking for 90 golfers so please solicit golfers and silent auction items.
  • Group 8 zoo day – May 18.  We will be dark on May 16.
  • Elings Park work day – It’s April 28.
  • Tuesday Rendezvous –  Good turnout last night at Wildcat.

Program: David Velarde and Tom Heath presented The Camp Whittier Kitchen

  • This project started at the end of 2010.
  • Camp Whittier is a camp in the hills behind Santa Barbara run by the Boys and Girls Club.  They sponsor many different organizations and low-income kids to attend this camp.
  • We were approached by the Director at Camp Whittier.  They had received repeated violations of the health code at their kitchen.
  • Camp Whittier did not have the funds to make the necessary changes to the kitchen.
  • The  first estimate of cost to make the required changes was about $26,000.  At some point, Janet Napier and Luz Maria Ortiz Smith got the idea to do a matching grant.
  • Camp Whittier raised over $20,000 from various outside contributors.
  • Rotary Clubs in Santa Barbara and in South Korea donated funds in addition to the Rotary Foundation.  6 Rotary clubs and 2 Districts donated a total of over $20,000.
  • Tom’s company, Heath Construction, completed the project plus did more to improve the camp facility.  A number of improvements were necessary to make food preparation and service safe.
  •  The county gave a number of breaks for permits and facilitated the completion of this project.
  • Many pieces of equipment were purchased along with the remodel.
  • It took awhile for this project to get going after Camp Whittier learned that they didn’t initially have a lease for the land.  They now have a 25-year lease.
  • Rotary has been doing projects at Camp Whittier since 1997.

Special item
Joanne and Stuart have a luxurious time share in Mexico they are donating to the Foundation for the third week in September.  It sleeps 6 adults and 2 children.  It will be put on a website for a private auction. The value is probably $4,000 – $5,000.  Consider participating in the auction to raise funds for the club.

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