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Minutes: The One with the Fish in the Sea (04/25/12)

April 26, 2012

Don Gets Paul Harris Fellow +3Greeters: Richard Redmond, Delores Johnson
Invocation: Steve Boehm
Flag Salute: Bill Abel
Raffle: Colin Stephens brought a tea pot and cups, tea and candy.

Guests: Gary Justice, Jeff Boehm, Don Disraeli, Dirk Rosen


  • Dictionaries: We are ready to deliver the rest of the dictionaries for this year. Julie Joy Stilwell asked for volunteers to deliver to five schools.
  • Elings Park Work Day on April 28: It will be this weekend at the south side of the park. We will do mulching and weeding. It will be this Saturday starting at 8 AM until about 1 PM. Bill Boyd will send directions via email. Please bring gloves and tools like shovels, wheelbarrows and rakes if you have them.
  • Golf tournament on May 21: We are up to 88 players. We would like to have 100 players. Volunteers were identified for signs and check-in assistance. It’s that time when we need the items donated.
  • Celaya, Mexico, eye surgeries. Chris Tucker reported that 22 regained sight this year. The recipients were very grateful. The women’s group was wonderful. This was the 20th year anniversary of this event.
  • Camp Whittier: The work day will be postponed. We will have recognition at the site and there will be a party in the future. Janet Napier reported that the Rotary Foundation accepted our final report on the kitchen.
  • Student from Belgium:  There is a Rotary Youth Exchange student coming next year, and the club is looking for families to host. The Ryan and Weiland families are interested.
  • Congratulations to Don Bennett for receiving a Paul Harris Fellow +3.
  • Rotary Group 8 evening at the zoo is May 18. The costs have gone up slightly. It starts at 4 PM and counts for a club meeting. There will be a nice dinner, band and free alcohol. The cost is $25 per person, which has already been paid out of club fees. Guests are $10 (if there is full attendance). The train will be running. See you there.
  • Tuesday Night Rendezvous. It was fun. Next week the rendezvous will return to the Wildcat. Graham Guess and his ’80s band will perform later in the evening
  • Scott Burns is being tested for kidney matching.

Program: Dirk Rosen, founder Marine Applied Research & Exploration, on the State of our State’s Coastal Waters.

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