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Three Generations of Rotarians

May 7, 2012

Three Generations in Rotary Eric, Steve, Jeff

The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise (RCSBS) was honored to induct the third generation of the Boehm family into Rotary.  On May 2, Joe Weiland, President of RCSBS, inducted Jeff Boehm into the club. Jeff’s father, Steve Boehm, joined RCSBS in 1985 and his grandfather, Eric Boehm, led the way by joining Rotary in 1968. 

Eric Boehm is a spry 93 years old, founder and retired CEO of the internationally known history publisher ABC-CLIO. He joined The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara and has remained there for 44 years. Eric joined Rotary because he felt it was and is a true service club, offering many opportunities for a member to be of service to the community, he made a commitment and stayed!  Eric’s son, Steve, who is involved in the Boehm Group, joined RCSBS 27 years ago. Steve joined because he enjoyed the fellowship, the power of good that Rotary was capable of on a worldwide basis, and feels that the service provided by this organization is very valuable. Jeff, who is 27 years old and COO of the Boehm Biography Group, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and join RCSBS. He joined because he feels Rotarians value the concept that service is an opportunity and they have fun doing it!

Eric and Steve have been involved in various committees and projects during their many years in Rotary – thank you. Welcome to Rotary, Jeff!

Submitted by Betsy Munroe.

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