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Minutes: The One that Makes You Want to Be an Organ Donor (05/23/12)

May 30, 2012

Greeters:  Jill Van Allen, Gary Jensen
Invocation:  Tim Marme
Raffle: Tim Marme brought two bottles of wine, Bill Boyd was the winner
Flag Salute : Judith McCaffery

Visiting Rotarians: Bob Katsev
Guests: Randy Weiss, Desiree Garcia, Victor Garcia, Corey Adam


  • El Puente Student of the Month – Desiree Garcia was recognized as the student of the month for May.
  • Golf tournament – A great day and a good tournament.  There are still some outstanding receivables.  Thank you to all who made it a successful day!
  • Zoo day – A great turn-out from our club. Joe Weiland was on crutches due to a pinched nerve.
  • Sunrise Foundation – An annual meeting will be held in a few weeks. Staggered terms are held by various Rotary members.  In two weeks, elections will be held for two vacant positions. Consider if you would be interested in running.
  • Mexico trip – Medical supplies were taken down and 19 patients received eye surgeries.  Mark also participated in the hands on project.
  • Eric and Bob celebrate birthdays this week.
  • Lunch Lottery – Next match is Jim Ruh and Andy Doerr
  • Condo with 2 suite bedrooms just north of Puerto Vallarta. This is available for auction to raise money for the club. Consider it. Interested? Contact Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein.

Program: Scott Burns and Randy Weiss present What it Takes to Give or Get a Kidney

  • Randy donated one of kidneys to a co-worker. Randy started by giving blood and platelets
  • Randy donated a kidney to a 23-year-old employee at the bank. He had to lose 40 pounds before donating. He recovered quickly, and  the recipient is now a mother and doing well.
  • Giving life is the greatest gift
  • Each of us have 2 kidneys, which take care of excess fluids and regulate blood pressure
  • Scott has chronic kidney disease, and joined the kidney transplant list this May. He is one of 100,000 people on the waiting list for an organ donor.
  • California has a larger percentage of people on the waiting list and a smaller percentage on the donor list
  • Over a half million people have irreversible kidney disease
  • 28 percent of medical costs are related to kidney disease
  • Kidney transplants require a blood match. It is a 4-hour surgery with 2 days in the hospital.
  • Sign up as a donor on your drivers license. Confirm your donation status online on the drivers license website. Editor’s note: Californians can register here. 
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