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Minutes: The One with the Laughter (06/07/2012)

June 6, 2012

President Joe Weiland called the meeting to order.

Greeters:  David Velarde
Flag Salute: E. Russell Smith
Raffle:  Luz Maria Ortiz Smith brought a gift certificate for a massage.  The winer is Bill Boyd.

Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests:  Kimberly Coley, Carol Metcalf


  • Mark Reinhardt informed the club that while in Mexico he was home hosted, and they sent a banner to our club.
  • Jody Dolan Holehouse led the annual meeting of the Foundation. Four individuals are on the ballot for two positions on the Foundation Board:  Sandy Grasso Boyd, Janet Napier, Connard Hogan, Bob McPhillips.  Ballots were distributed ad votes counted.  Janet was elected. There was a tie between Sandy and Bob, and we will have a runoff election at the June 13 meeting.
  • Dana Goba reported that the Rotary Youth Exchange students will be here next Tuesday night. We will meet at the Endless Summer by the Harbor at 5:30 PM. Please RSVP to Dana if you plan to go.
  • Steve Kally and Tim Marme spoke about the golf event. Thank you notes will be sent to all sponsors.  Thank yous were given to:  Darren Doi for the cashiering functions, Andrew Chung for the silent auction and raffle, and Tim Marme for getting the players to sign up and participate.  We’re probably over $16,000 in proceeds.
  • Tuesday night rendezvous. There were 4 – 5 people in attendance. Next week’s rendezvous will be at Endless Summer.
  • Lunch Lottery. The next match is Tom Heath and Ed Fleming.

Program: Comedienne and Marriage and Family Therapist Carol Metcalf

  • Carol is an Air Force Brat who went to more than 20 different schools. Her mother is bipolar. Her sense of humor was developed as an alternative to getting mad.
  • She came to LA and worked as a model and doing stand-up.
  • Carol went back to graduate school to become a marriage and family therapist.  “Comedy equals healing,:” she said. “It only hurts when you don’t laugh.”
  • A child laughs 1,400 times a day.  An adult laughs only 4 times a day.
  • Everyone wants to feel like they are acknowledged and that they can find some kind of humor in life.
  • Another thing that makes others comfortable is to make fun of yourself.  You normalize situations.
  • Carol also uses aggression replacement therapy.  Kids at risk put together their own skits.  The appropriate use of humor changes lives.
  • Humor can be used to empower employees. The most successful employees are ones where the boss has a sense of humor.
  • In counseling, she’ll often put a spotlight on something that seems important (but is probably not really important), so clients discover what is really important.
  • Using therapy and humor together is very healing.
  • Humor boosts your immune system.
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