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Minutes: The One with Mayor Schneider (06/13/12)

June 17, 2012

State of Santa Barbara Good, Bad and Ugly President-elect David Velarde called the meeting to order.

Greeter: Betsy Monroe
Invocation: Bruce Belfore
Flag salute: Andy Doerr
There was no raffle today.

Guests:  Lucille Ramirez, Jeff Wicklane, Mayor Helene Schneider


  • June 28, 7 PM – The new Community Service Committee will be meeting to brainstorm and discuss projects for the upcoming year. Please let Susan Klein-Rothschild know if you plan on attending, and she’ll tell you the location. We’d love to have you join us!
  • Quarterly bills are distributed to all Rotary members. Bills are distributed electronically and in hard copy during this transition period of time.
  • Rotary Foundation Board: Jody Holehouse reported that there will be no need for a run-off election as Bob McPhilips has removed his name from consideration. Sandy Grasso-Boyd and Janet Napier will be joining the Sunrise Rotary Foundation Board.
  • Endless Summer reception: 28 youth exchange students were treated to a reception with Rotary members.  The students were from all over the world, and had spent their exchange year in Alaska. This visit was part of a 2-week bus trip for the students.
  • Tuesday night rendezvous: The location for next week will be decided by Joe and this will be shared via email.
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery: Reports were made by many including Jim, Andy and Fred.

Program: Mayor Helene Schneider reports on the good, the bad, the ugly and the opportunities in the city of Santa Barbara

  • *After 3 years of furloughs and position cuts, we are slowly seeing some turnaround.
  • Tourism is increasing and there is a new appreciation of the tourists and what they bring to the city. The hotel and sales tax has increased beyond expectations.
  • The library will re-open on Mondays.
  • The rental housing mediation task force that resolves disputes between tenants and landlords was funded at the last budget hearing. Fun fact: Over 60% of city residents are tenants.
  • Route 225, the state highway along Cliff Drive, has been identified by City Council as a priority to work toward making this a local road.
  • An environmental impact review will be completed in regards to plastic bags at grocery stores. The goal is to have a regional approach related to plastic bags across Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.
  • There are changes with MTD and city transportation. The waterfront shuttle will go from 25 cents to 50 cents. The loss of redevelopment agency dollars has had a major impact on a number of projects. Restorative policing has been maintained, but many things have been lost.
  • There was a press conference yesterday about Invest in Santa Barbara in which the mayor announced changes to three ballot initiatives she has proposed. Read more about her ballot proposals in the Independent here.
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