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Minutes: The One with the Thank Yous (06/20/2012)

July 3, 2012

Greeters: Jeff Boehm, Chris Tucker
Invocation: Laura Benson
Raffle: Joe Weiland brought a bottle of wine and chocolate bar

Visiting Rotarians:  Pete Kuykendall
Guests:  Amy Clemens, Lucille Ramirez


  • Goleta Fireworks – Karen Kawaguchi announced that the Goleta Rotary club needs volunteers for the Goleta Fireworks event on July 4.  If you are interested sign up on the sheets left on the tables.
  • Community Service Committee meeting – The first meeting of the committee for the next year will be held on June 28 at 7:00 pm.  The meeting will focus on new projects and will be held at the home of Susan Klein-Rothschild.  Please join and help kick of the new year!
  • Tuesday Night Rendezvous – It was good last night. It will be at Wildcat next week.
  • Lunch Lottery – Tom and Ed reported.  The new pair is: Luz Maria Ortiz Smith and Brook Sawyer.
  • Chris Tucker was given his blue badge.
  • There is a stand up meeting for Board members directly after the this meeting.
  • In two weeks, David Velarde‘s first official meeting on July 4 will be dark.  Please do not come at 7 AM on July 4.
  • Next week will be Laura Benson’s last meeting as she is retiring. They are taking on new adventures.

Program:  The Board describes how they got it all done

  • Joe thanked all club members for making the commitment and giving a minimum of 50 hours a year.
  • Andy Doerr runs the Fiddler’s Convention every year. He handles it calmly and smoothly.
  • Tim Marme and Steve Kalley head the golf tournament committee. It is done with minimum meetings and with great success. Tim noted that everyone in this room makes the golf tournament happen.
  • Richard Redmond has head up Community Service committee.  Thank you for stepping up.  Don Bennett was recognized for the Bell Ringing. Bill Abel is recognized for the Fiesta Float. Tom, David and Janet were appreciated for Camp Whittier.  The Dictionary project was run by Julie Joy Stillwell.  Susan K-R ran the El Puente Student of the Month.
  • Sandy O’Meara has done a great job with the treasurer duties!  Laura Benson has assisted Sandy and Jody with this task counting guests each week.
  • Bill Ringer is acknowledged for his vocational service.
  • Joanne Schoenfeld has handled the programs for the last few years.
  • Liz set up the Bloggle and it was a great accomplishment.
  • Dana Goba is the New Generations leader.  She has handled things right off the bat for projects impacting those under the age of 30.  New Generations M&M awards:
  1. Julie Joy Stilwell – Mobilizing Morphemes
  2. Susan Klein-Rothschild – Molding Minds
  3. Diana Cecala – Mistress of Mentors
  4. Judith McCaffrey – Migrant Motel
  5. Bruce Belfiore – Migrant Motel
  6. Scott Burns – Mogul of Minors
  7. Bill Abel – Miscellaneous Matters
  8. Mark Reinhardt – Moving to Mexico
  9. Betsy Munroe – Mass Marketing
  10. Janet Napier – Money Maker
  11. Tom Heath – Maytag Manufacturer
  12. David Velarde – Mandated Maniac
  13. Joe Weiland – Monarch of Madness
  14. Chris Tucker – Misfortune of My
  • Mark Reinhardt has taken the International Service Committee to a new level. There are 13 members who meet monthly and make this committee work including: Janet, Connard, Luz Maria, E. Russell, Karen, Bill A, Bill R., Bill B., Darren, Gary, Tom, and Collin. Mark make special recognition for those who wrote grants.
  • Gary Jensen was Membership chair.
  • When Lily left the Club, Julie Joy Stillwell took over the reigns for Club Service.  She recognized Joanne who did programs, Tim Durnin and E. Russell for setup, Brook for his weekly check-in, Tom Putnum for keeping the IT department running, Scott Johnson for the hidden things, Diana for doing the holiday party and Bill Abel for photography.
  • Betsy Monroe is the mistress of PR. Others recognized include Bill Abel (photography), Karen Kawaguchi (Club Runner) and Liz Werhane who are behind the scenes and make PR work.
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