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Minutes: The One with the Introductions (07/11/12)

July 17, 2012

President David Velarde called the meeting to order.

Invocation:  Sherrie Fisher
Flag Salute: Bill Abel
Raffle: Graham Guess brought 4 tickets to a wine tasting at EOS,  winner is Steve Kalley

Guests: Amy Clemens, Lucille Rameriz,  Daniel Rameriz, Michelle Velarde


  • Slurpees – In honor of 7-11 day, Amy and Lucille brought slurpees for members at the meeting.
  • Fiddlers Meetings:  Planning is underway.  Please contact Andy if you have any questions and want to get involved.
  • Pink blanket society – The Thursday night concerts through the city Parks and Recreation Department have began.  Join the Rotary blanket and friends at the concerts throughout the summer.
  • Lunch Lottery – Reports from member lunches, that closes it out.
  • It’s world population day and national blueberry muffin day.
  • Amy Clemens is becoming a new Rotary member.  Her classification is financial services.
  • Lucille Ramirez is becoming a new Rotary member.  Her classification is nonprofit development.

Program: David Velarde on His Year

  • The Rotary International president is from Japan.
  • The theme is Peace Through Service.
  • New pins were distributed.
  • The District Governor Rotary theme is Visionaries.
  • September 28 – 30 the District conference will be held at the Queen Mary.
  • There is a new neck for the microphone thanks to Tom Heath.
  • The Tuesday night rendezvous will become the Thursday night rendezvous.  Every Thursday night concert will be the rendezvous this summer.  6 PM is the start time. The concert lasts to 8:30 PM.
  • Craft talks will match new members with long-term members so members learn more about everyone.
  • Programs will be selected by Judith McCaffrey and Steve Boehm for the first half of the year.  For the second half of the year, Darren Doi and Andy Doerr will put together programs.
  • David would like us to think about doing less work to get more done.  Bring in others to expand the success and scope of projects and activities.
  • David Vo is membership chair.  Consider inviting colleagues and friends to join Rotary.  There is a Rotary District initiative to increase membership.
  • The Community Service committee is planning on continuing the long-term projects of bell ringing, Camp Whittier, Elings park, and dictionaries.  In addition we are looking at anew project providing a dental clinic to children in our community who have dental disease with no insurance.  If members have any other ideas and interests, contact Susan Klein-Rothschild.
  • Chris Tucker is leading vocational service and they are looking at reaching out to Santa Barbara high schools.
  • We will continue the lunch lottery.
  • We will have a lot of fun this year!
  • David walked through some slides from Bangkok.
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