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Minutes: The One with 3 Grant Recipients (07/18/2012)

July 18, 2012

David Velarde called the meeting to order. Ole Peters rang the bell.

Greeters: Lucille Ramirez, Karen Kawaguchi
Invocation: Jerry Smith
Pledge: Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein
Raffle: Bill Abel brought Firestone and Fat Tire beer, chips, salsa and cheese dip.

Guests: Matt Mazza, Tom’s brother Greg Putnam, Ole Peter’s brother Court, mom Christina and dad Karsten, Eli Rumelt, Sara Spataro, Nannette Clark, Rebecca Summers, Heather Moffat, Bruce’s wife Gloria, William Belfiore, Lisa Burns, Michael Rattay, Paul McCaffrey, Dennis Johns
Note: Please send spelling corrections to Liz Werhane or add them as a comment.


  • Fine cards: Bob McPhillips and Joe Weiland announced that they have a finite value based on what you pledge on the annual pledge form. The club requests $70 per year. The adds are symbolic, not actually more expensive. You pay once no matter how many cards you get.
  • Fiddlers’ convention: Meeting at 5:30 at MTD on July 19. All are welcome. The County Arts Commission will fund it at $1,400. For questions, email Andy Doerr.
  • Ignite program: a few districts are involved, and it’s part of a membership drive. Ignite pin symbolizes your commitment to invite people to a Rotary meeting. If you want one, tell President David Velarde.
  • Any week that you have a club announcement, please put your item and name on the sheet that will be sitting on the place where we normally put the raffle prize.
  • Thursday night Rendezvous was at the concert at Chase Palm Park. Join this week’s free concert on the pink blankets from 6:30 – 8 PM. This week Hot Club Sandwich performs. See the schedule here. For questions, email Judith McCaffrey.
  • Today is National Ice Cream Day, Mandela Day, Caviar Day. Mandela Day aligns with Rotary — to inspire people to take action to change the world for the better.
  • Matt Mazza shared stories from his world travels: At one point they were in an air stream trailer on the top of a hotel in Cape Town. Europe, Turkey (fairy chimneys), South Africa, Nepal, India, Northern Thailand, Indonesia, Napa Valley — tried working at restaurant business with friend. Reopening law firm in SB and writing. See Matt’s blog here. It’s great!

Program part 1: Judith McCaffrey and Joe Weiland introduced our grant recipients.

Athelete Nanette Displays Check For Special Olympics

  • CALM: Rotary funded the parent-child interaction program. It’s like Super Nanny with technology. Therapists council/coach parents in how they behave with their children.
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History:  The museum’s mission is to inspire a passion for the natural world. Today, the average American kid only spends about 30 minutes outdoors every day. Kids are scared of nature because they spend so much time in front of screens/TVs. The Rotary grant will fund nature adventure backpacks full of guidebooks, magnifying glasses and other stuff to help parents and kids explore outdoors. Parents can check out a backpack to enjoy in the Nature Clubhouse. (Rebecca Summers, Heather Moffat)
  • Special Olympics Southern California: It serves more than 400 people through 11 sports year-round. They compete in the summer games in June and fall games in December. The Rotary grant funds the Young Athlete Program (YAP) reaching out to parents of kids ages 2-6 and teaching skills at an earlier age. Nanette won 3 gold medals and a silver medal at the Summer Games. She has been in Special Olympics for 23 years. She has a lot of good friends in it and she enjoys it. (Sara Spataro and Nannette Clark)

Read more about the grant recipients and program here. 

Program part 2: Farewell to Ole Peters led by Lisa Burns

Ole and Family Share Paul Harris Fellow

  • Special thanks to Steve Kally and his family who took in Ole when Scott Burns was ill, and to E. Russell Smith and Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith who shared music performances.
  • Ole wanted to improve his fitness: He signed up for cross country, track and soccer.
  • Ole wanted to travel: He saw Mexico, Vail, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Arizona. And he took a 33-day train trip around the U.S. including Seattle, Chicago, the 4th of July in Boston, New Orleans, Washington DC, and more.
  • Judith McCaffrey: She and her husband Paul, daughter Genie and dog Maggie hosted Ole for the second part of the year. she had been an exchange student to Germany. He had great enthusiasm, and was always willing to try new things. He was trained to eat a lot of ice cream at the Burns’ house, and continued eating her baking. Tip: Don’t get between Ole and a TV when the Lakers are playing.
  • Bruce Belfiore, Gloria and son William: Ole was timid and shy at first, but the shyness didn’t last long. The counselors loved him and want more exchange students like him. He was also involved in theater and acapella singing. William said it was an awesome experience, and he’s not sure he wants another student because he may not be as cool. Bruce took him on a Boy Scout trip to Arizona to a tributary of the Grand Canyon. He took more than 1,000 photos. He taught Bruce how to say, “left, 2, 3, 4” in German during the hike. They dealt with a little tension around the Italy -Germany Eurocup soccer game.
  • E. Russell Smith awarded Ole with a Paul Harris Fellow award. 
  • Ole was the first person to enter the new SB airport by plane, so he was greeted by journalists, photographers and people shaking his hand. He thought America was amazing.
  • He’s been accepted to Harvard. Congrats, Ole. We’ll miss you.
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