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Int’l Service News: Report from Kenya

July 26, 2012

Submitted by Janet Napier

MP Sampling Water The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise funded a clean water project in Luanda, Kenya, in September 2010 that was implemented by the Engineers Without Borders Chapter at UCSB.  Janet Napier traveled with the group to monitor the project for us. We have just received a positive report back on the project from a visitor, as follows:

“The Opanga pump is definitely bustling every morning. Now that they have electricity, they still collect the same amount of money for each jerry can, but have been able to pay Paul full time so the taps are open all day. I also ate a watermelon from Churchill’s greenhouse. He has diverted some of the water to a drip watering system and has covered part of the garden with a greenhouse. You should see all of the tomatoes and kale. The garden is doing very well and Mark and Benson say that he pays extra for the water in the garden so they are able to collect more.”

It is gratifying to hear when a project we have funded has become sustainable.

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