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Minutes: The One with a New Honorary Member (07/25/2012)

July 28, 2012

Minutes: July 25, 2012

Greeters: Scott Burns, Jeff Boehm, Lucille Ramirez
Invocation: Burt Chortoff?
Pledge: ken
Raffle: Gary Jensen

Visiting Rotarian: John Walker
Guests: Cynthia Walker, Maurice Thorow, Rene Van Horn, Herb Teus, Jan Ingram, Sgt Ed Olsen, Kimberly Coley, Rich Hanna,  Cheryl Jensen, Sue Block

Club announcements

  • Pay and tell with Sgt at Arms Chris Baxter
  • Nicaragua: Children’s clothing needed for ages 0-12. Chris Tucker will collect items before each meeting or you can drop off donations at the business office of Garden Court, staffed 24/7, at 1116 De La Vina Street, near the corner of Anapamu.
  • Immunization campaign posters are available. Ask Susan Klein Rothschild for a few if you have a place to post them, and help our community be healthier.
  • Ignite pins symbolize a commitment to bring in a new member. David Velarde gave his final Ignite pin to Liz Werhane.
  • Thursday night rendezvous returns to the pink blankets in Chase Palm Park for the concert.
  • National tequila day was yesterday. Today is national hot fudge sundae day and tomorrow is coffee shake day.
  • Welcome Cheryl Jensen as an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise. There are two types of Rotary memberships: active and honorary. Honorary membership is bestowed on people who have demonstrated support of the club. We had 5 honorary members. Now 6! Gary Jensen, David Vo, Sherrie Fisher and David Velarde joined in her induction.
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery: Ken Beisser and Chris Tucker
  • Raffle: Ken Beisser won
  • Jill Van Allen received her blue badge. Finally!
  • Jeff Boehm received his blue badge. Impressive!

Program part 1: Judith McCaffrey and Joe Weiland introduced some of our foundation grant recipients.

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation: The grant helped fund the Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp. Kids who are used to being spectators now get to be the athletes. Many coaches and staff are in wheelchairs, too. Our grant funded the family and friends day, including the awards dinner, which shows family what the kids can do. (Rene Van Horn and Herb Teus)

Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation: Our grant funds the West Beach Wading Pool. Kids learn water safety. Some kids are bused there from school. Some kids get free swim lessons in July. Swim program as a whole has gone up 46%. Hundreds more kids are learning water skills, which is good because drowning is the #3 cause of accidental death in kids under age 12. (Rich Hanna)

Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast: The nonprofit serves 1,600 girls in SB County. The grant will start a pilot program at La Cumbre Junior High, working with girls during lunch and after school and teaching them how to have healthy relationships.
Girl Scouts teaches leadership and all sorts of skills.(Kim Coley)

Program part 2: Sgt Ed Olsen, tactical patrol force and restorative policing supervisor, describes the Restorative Policing Program.

  • He works with the homeless population. There are gentle souls and not gentle souls.
  • One person had 1,600 arrests.
  • The restorative officers are being the carrot and the stick.
  • Homeless can be very expensive, i.e. Million Dollar Murray
  • Nuisance crimes are released first in cases of overcrowding. They return to the streets.
  • Restorative police officers meet with people in jail and try to figure out how to get them back in line.
  • At first they heard “I don’t want,” but now people are coming to them.
  • Get them into programs with clear rules
  • Restorative court: unique to SB. Multi-agency approach. Minimize impact on courts, offer diversified program options, cases dismissed if no new offenses for 6 months, addresses mentally ill individuals. Hold people accountable to avoid penalties.
  • Takes the right type of person to interact with this population.
  • Will hand walk people through the steps they need to get documents, paperwork to qualify for social security.
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