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Minutes: The One with the Library of the Future Today (08/15/2012)

August 15, 2012

Greeters:  Gillian Avery, Lucille Ramirez
Invocation:  Joanne Schoenfeld
Flag Salute: Bill Ringer
Raffle: Jody Holehouse brought avocados, a guacamole plate  and wine. Luz Maria won the raffle.

Visiting Rotarians:  David Gore, Chris Clemens

Guests: Maurice Morin, Beth Schwarzberg and Jas Turner

 Club Announcements

  • Meeting of Group 8 presidents – David Velarde reported that the Rotary presidents share and learn from each other. There is a group financial account, and it is used for activities such as the zoo day.
  • Fiesta Float – The Group 8 float won the El Presidente award.
  • Arroyo Grande Chili Cook-off – David attended this Rotary event.  Commercial restaurants participate, and amateurs can enter also.  Judging is done by visitors dropping gold coins for their favorites and they have  “professional tasters.”
  • Betsy Monroe – David checked with Betsy following her second hip replacement. It’s a little more painful and lengthy than she was expecting. She hopes to be back soon.
  • Bruce Belfiore has taken a one-year leave from the club starting August 1. 
  • Lunch Lottery – The match is Richard Redmond and Tara Stoker.
  • Pink Blankets – The last Thursday concert in the park is from 6 to 8:30 PM this next Thursday. It will be the Beatle tribute band. 
  • Julia Child’s 100th birthday today.
  • Fiddlers’ Festival is October 14. The gate fees are not enough to make money on the festival. Sponsorships are essential for fund raising. There is also the opportunity to put ads in the program.
  • Tara Stoker gave a check of $500 for the Rotary Foundation.  The check is from Mike Stoker and is designated for wheelchairs.
  • Andy Doerr scheduled a meeting for Fiddlers’ next Thursday at 5:30 PM. 
  • It’s national relaxation day and national failure day. Tomorrow is national rum day. In 1969, it was the first day of Woodstock.
  • David will be gone and Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith will lead the club next Wednesday.

Program: The Santa Barbara Public Library – Jas Turner and Beth Schwartzberg

  • The library branches extend from Montecito through Solvang.
  • Library use has increased through the past decade.
  • Some of the top materials have a long list of people waiting.
  • The library offers free ebooks and free audio books.
  • With a library card, you can check out 6 books at a time. You can borrow them for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
  • At the due date, the ebooks will automatically expire from your device. You can access the library 24 hours a day anywhere there is wi-fi.    
  • You can place an ebook on hold. When it’s ready for you to check out, you will receive an email. You need to check it out within 4 days. You can download an ebook anywhere in the world as long as there is wi-fi and you have a library card.
  • There are no hold fees and no overdue fees for ebooks.
  • There is a growing collection of travel books in ebook form at the library.
  • At this time, there is no mechanism to donate ebooks.
  • Library cards do not expire.
  • There are over 7,100 ebooks, 4,400 audiobooks plus 34,000 free public domain “classic” titles.  You can keep the classics forever, they do not expire.
  • On the website, it walks you through how to download based on your type of device.
  • The ebook collection is through the Black Gold Cooperative Library System.
  • One-on-one hands-on assistance is offered at the library Fridays through Sundays with an appointment.
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