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Minutes: The One with Yogurt in the Buffet (08/22/2012)

August 27, 2012

Joanne, Maurice (guest) and Bill are all smiles!

Past president Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith called the meeting to order at 7.
Invocation: Judith McCaffrey
Pledge: Eric Ryan
Raffle: Jill Ireland
Visiting Rotarians: Kim Cottnick, Clemens Ortyos of Germany
Guests: Maurice Moreno, Belgium exchange student Gaetan Thibaut (SB High), Lydia and Lillian Vargas, Sunny Crandell, Kathleen Baushke, Traver Boehm

Club announcements:

  • Fiddlers meeting on Aug 23 at 5:30 PM at MTD. Contact Andy Doerr with questions.
  • Community service committee meeting on Sept 10. Will discuss dental clinic. Contact Susan Klein-Rothschild with questions.
  • Vocational chair Scott Johnson is looking for a mixer location at a member’s company. Citrix may be an option
  • District conference Sept 28-30. It will be at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. It can be a great eye opener to see what else Rotary does outside of our club. Rooms are approx $130/night, and registration is affordable, too.
  • President David Velarde is seeking a club awards chair to consolidate information about what we do. Julie Joy Stilwell volunteered.
  • Judith McCaffrey introduced grant recipients:

— The Oaks Parent-Child workshop:  It’s a 64-year old facility. The grant will help rebuild an outside structure. The nursery school serves 60-65 families every year. (Sunny Crandell)
— Transition House: Our grant should help eradicate bed bugs in the shelter by replacing wood beds with metal beds. “It’s not a sexy thing to fund, but it’s very important.”

  • Joanne Orenstein introduced the student of the month from El Puente school, Lillian Vargas. She returns to San Marcos HS as an 11th grader and plans to go into nursing at SBCC. Cecilia Molina told her story.
Program: Traver Boehm presented on health and wellness
  • History
    • Former protection specialist
    • Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Has been living in SB for three years
    • Currently runs Crossfit Pacific Coast
    • Member of Toastmasters
  • Startling statistics
    • 70% of adults are overweight to obese
    • 20% of teens are overweight to obese
    • 20% of toddlers are overweight to obese
  • 23M Americans have diabetes and another 26M suffer from heart disease
    • Each year we spend over $2 billion dollars on research for these two diseases
  • Three pillars of staying healthy
    • 7+ hours of sleep
      • Between 11PM and 1 AM is the most critical time for the body to “restock the shelves”
      • Avoid watching TV, alcohol or electronics before sleep.
      • Try blackout curtains
    • Move your body
      • Do functional workouts – real world exercises and movements
      • Mix things up
      • Workout in groups to stay motivated
    • Food – intake that sustains your body
      • Food doesn’t simply mean anything that’s edible
      • If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it
      • Experiment to see what foods you can eat
      • Example Diet
        • Over half veggies
        • Lean meat – fish/chicken
        • Nuts and seeds
      • Avoid
        • Sugar
        • Grains
        • Dairy
        • Processed Foods
      • 80/20 Rule
        • To avoid burnout it’s ok to have a snack or something you crave once in a while.
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