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Minutes: Another One with a Banjo (09/12/2012)

September 12, 2012

President David Velarde called the meeting to order.

Invocation: Sandra O’Meara
Pledge: Tom Putnam
Raffle: Julie Joy Stilwell brought a flower vase

Guests: George, Cynthia Moreno, Maurice Moreno

Visiting Rotarians: Beth Johnson, Courtlin Stoker

Club announcements:

  • Pay and tell.
  • Community Service Committee met and is considering 2 new projects: (1) free dental clinic on Saturday Nov. 3 from 5 am to 1 pm. (2) Senior life stories. We interview seniors and make videos of their stories. We would be trained to interview. If you have questions, please contact Susan Klein-Rothschild. 
  • Fiddlers’ Convention: Don’t forget to sell the tickets. Meeting tonight at MTD at 5:30 pm.  We will have a photo booth at the Fiddlers’ Festival, and volunteers are needed.Props are also needed to represent old timey, rural  clothes. Let Ken Beisser know. Scott Johnson is looking for more volunteers for the Fiddlers’ Festival.
  • New Generations meeting will be September 18 from 5:30-6:30 PM at 1116 de la Vina Street (Garden Court). Please RSVP to Chris Tucker. Dinner will be provided. New Generations will continue to meet the third Tuesday of every month at the same time and place.
  • Family Health Day: Sept 22 at Bohnet Park, supporting West Side families. Beth Johnson of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Downtown seeks volunteers for Sept. 21 and 22. Sign up here:

President’s announcements:

  • District Conference is final weekend of September at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.
  • Don’t forget to read the weekly email describing the duties, and if you are unable to fulfill them, please find a replacement and let David Velarde and Liz Werhane know.
  • Group 8 presidents met this week.
  • GSE team from Sri Lanka needs Sri Lanka. October 1-2. There will be a reception on Monday, Oct. 1. If you are available to help with transportation, please contact Amy Clemens.
  • David Velarde inducted Maurice Moreno into the club under the classification jewelry manufacturing and design. Tom Heath was his sponsor. Chris Baxter will be his mentor. His wife is Cynthia and his daughter, on her way, is Caroline.
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery reports: Darren Doi and Scott Johnson
  • Rendezvous was the Velardes and the Toms at the Brewhouse.
  • This week, Thursday Sept. 13, Rendezvous will be at Cafe Stella.
  • Board meeting will immediately follow the meeting.
  • Steve Kally won the raffle.

Program: Steve Boehm introduced Courtlin Stoker

  • Courtlin is applying for grad school in International Development. Has a degree in Global Studies.
  • Her Rotary journey: Rotary Youth Exchange student in 2005 to Switzerland; been involved with RYE here; was involved with Interact in Santa Ynez; Scott Burns introduced here to Rotaract, and she was president 2010-2011.
  • After graduation, she went on a goodwill trek. She picked 5 key countries and 5 service projects.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: helped with micro lending and saw market get built. Taught English.
  • Switzerland: Rotaract Club there pointed her to some forestry work.
  • India: Went to the school Deepa Willingham founded, the Piali Learning Center. She got to work with the girls and women and help with micro lending projects.
  • South Africa: Worked with refugees and developed a computer literacy program in Cape Town.
  • Argentina: She had been there as a new generation exchange student. She returned and surveyed people in Buenos Aires to identify people who needed homes. She improved her Spanish. She also helped the Rotary Club there with a Carnaval parade fundraiser.
  • You can serve wherever you go.

Next week: let’s make a difference: your role in The Rotary Foundation.

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