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Minutes: The One with 2 More Great Craft Talks (09/26/2012)

September 27, 2012

Celeste C. is El Puente Student of the MonthPresident David Velarde called the meeting to order.

Invocation: Betsy Munroe
Pledge: Jerry Smith
Raffle: Karen Kawaguchi brought a bottle of dark rum

Visiting Rotarians: Laurie Childs

Guests: Marta Cruz, Boris V., Lulu Guess, Celeste Carbahal, Corey Adam, Quilter’s Guild guest

Club Announcements:

  • Pay and tell
  • Connections for Success students went hiking with Mark Reinhardt, Connard Hogan and Liz Werhane to the Playground on Saturday.
  • For details on an exciting upcoming Ukulele concert, talk to Scott Johnson or look for his email.
  • Jody Dolan Holehouse explained the different things members pay for and the priority for paying. #1 pay your bill. #2 Donate to The Rotary Foundation so we can get matching. #3 Make your local donation. #4 Pay and tell. #5 Designated funds.
  • Connard Hogan: Link your Ralph’s card to our Rotary Foundation, and we get a percent back from sales. Scan a form when you shop, and you’re all set. Get the form from Connard.
  • Susan Klein-Rothshild: The Community Service Club meets Thursday, Oct. 4. Check with Susan for the time and place.
  • Future Vision: Meeting on Nov. 3 in San Luis Obispo. Betsy Munroe is looking for people to join her.
  • Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith will represent District 5240 at the Council on Legislation. Some proposals may affect how we operate. Consider reading some of the proposals (available online) and sharing your opinions with her so that she can represent us.
  • Fiddlers’ planning meeting on Thursday at 5:30 at the MTD. If you have bought or sold your tickets, please give the money to Darren Doi.
  • Scott Johnson is now begging people to sign up to volunteer at the Fiddlers’ Festival. Contact him to find out how you can help!

President’s announcements:

  • District Conference is this weekend. The District will select someone to be part of the nominating committee that will select a new RI Director. E. Russell Smith and Lucille Ramirez are the designated electors.
  • The Group Study Exchange (GSE) mixer with Group 8 will meet at the Women’s Club in Carpinteria on Oct. 1. Talk with Amy Clemens to RSVP and to get the time.
  • El Puente Student of the Month: Susan Klein-Rothschild, Corey Adam and David Velarde presented the Student of the Month to Celeste Carbahal. She’s considering a career in nursing.
  • Rendezvous was at Cafe Stella with 15 people, and will return there Thursday, Sept. 27.
  • It’s National Good Neighbor Day and National Pancake Day.
  • Gary Jensen won the raffle.

Program: Craft talks by Bill Boyd and Lucille Ramirez

  • Past President Bill Boyd: He was born and raised in Iowa with the exception of 5 years in Vallejo, Calif., during the war.
  • Graduated with a BA from University of Iowa in Iowa City. Masters in urban studies from Loyola University.
  • Worked for 10 years in regional planning in the Chicago area.
  • He met his first wife, Margot, in Chicago. They had 2 kids. They moved to Los Angeles, where he worked in regional planning.
  • Margot passed away after battling MS for 20 years.
  • Then he met Sandy Grasso, who brought him to Santa Barbara, and he married her.
  • He learned: Live life to the fullest. The journey is all there is.
  • Since retiring, he’s had 4 areas of interest: genealogy research, travel, American Red Cross and Rotary.
  • When he married Sandy, he married Rotary. He became an honorary Rotarian before becoming a full Rotarian (2003). Sam Greene asked him why he wasn’t a real Rotarian. He’s particularly proud of Elings Park, Dictionary Project, Camp Whittier and Salvation Army projects. Internationally, he enjoyed the work in Celaya, Mexico, with City of the Children and eye surgeries.
  • Volunteered with American Red Cross after Hurricanes Charlie and Katrina as well as after forest fires.
  • His travel has included 32 states via RV.
  • New member Lucille Ramirez presents “28 Shades of Pink.”
  • Born in 1984. Grew up in San Diego.
  • Her mom was a graphic designer and her dad was a jazz guitarist. Has a younger sister.
  • Like her parents, she’s only worked on things she loved.
  • Loves: swimming, cats, dogs, pink, costumes, karaoke, beach, theme parties, football — especially 49ers and Chargers, hiking, tequila, her husband
  • She shared her philosophies for success.
  • She’s usually awake for 4 hours before our club meetings start.
  • Lucille moved to SB 10 years ago.
  • Was a lifeguard at Los Banos pool.
  • She married Daniel Ramirez a couple of years ago. He will soon be running for City Council.
  • Got her bachelor’s degree at Cal Lutheran.
  • More of her activities: Works for Partners in Education, working toward a masters in public administration, volunteers for American Cancer Society, part of Junior League, planning her high school reunion, bought a house, etc…

Next week: District Governor Frank Ortiz will visit. The club board will meet after the meeting.

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