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Minutes: The One with the Read Along (10/10/2012)

October 11, 2012

Invocation: Tom Putnam
Pledge: David Vo
Raffle: Tim Marme

Guests: Kimberly Coley, Claude Saks, Karen Kale

Club announcements:
YSE student wants to get to know the members better and practice English. Look for an email from Joe Weiland.

President’s announcements:

  • Grant seminar this Saturday in Bakersfield. Oft. 27 in Oxnard. Nov. 3 in San Luis Obispo. So far, 5 or 6 people are going. We are the club with the most participants.
  • Fiddlers’ Festival is Sunday. Everyone needs to help. Sign up on the sheets or with Scott Johnson. Please wear a hat and closed-toe shoes. More people needed for Sunday cleanup, too. If you are working the front gate and have an iPhone, great. Sponsorships still available for the contests. P.S. We’re going to have a great event! Honey Suckle Possoms!
  • Rotary Lunch Lottery: No reports
  • Stella Cafe Rendezvous last week was mellow. No rendezvous on Thursday. Rendezvous will be Sunday at Stow House — the Fiddlers’ Convention.
  • Today is angel food cake day and mental health day. Tomorrow is “It’s my party day.” Yesterday was moldy cheese day.
  • Raffle collected $84. Darren Doi won.

Program: Vocational service

  • When Rotary started, members rotated meetings between members’ businesses. They intended to create a group of business owners who would do business with each other.
  • Previously, there used to be classification exclusivity in a club and members were expected to use that member for services. Wives of the businessmen were also supposed to use the businesses of other Rotarians.
  • They had “booster” clubs in other cities.
  • WWI changed things. The club realized it had a great business network and could really help out.
  • Scott reviewed the Declaration of Rotarians.
  • Gary Jensen shared information about his vocation, architecture.
  • Lucille Ramirez talked about her vocation, nonprofit development.
  • Andrew Chung explained his vocation, commercial banking.

See you this weekend!

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