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Minutes: The One with the Crafty Craft Talks (10/24/2012)

October 28, 2012

David Velarde called the meeting to order.

Richard Redmond shared an invocation.
Liz Werhane led the pledge.
Karin Napel brought an SB Sailing Center certificate for a sunset cruise and a bottle of wine

Guests: Claude Saks, Kimberly Coley, Chris Ryan

Club announcements:

  • Pay and tell.
  • Community service report: Susan Klein-Rothschild reported that the club is supporting a dental clinic on Nov. 3. Volunteers will be needed early from 6 AM to noon to help people register, escort people through the process, etc. Please consider signing up. The club is partnering with SB Neighborhood Clinics. We may be able to join in with Leadership Santa Barbara to help Camp Whittier. The committee is also working on an intergenerational project to capture seniors’ life stories.
  • Fiddlers’ followup: Continued thanks to volunteers. Potluck from 4-6 PM at Gary’s house on Sunday to review the event.

Presidents announcements

  • Distinct grants seminars.
  • Outgoing GSE team selections are underway. Feb 2-March 3. Team leader applications are due Nov. 2.
  • David Velarde inducted Kimberly Coley into the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise with the classification of nonprofit management. She works with the Girl Scouts of California Central Coast. Her mentor will be Eric Ryan.
  • Last week’s rendezvous was at Cafe Stella. this Thursday the rendezvous will be at Marmalade Cafe.
  • Next week’s meeting will be Halloween! Dress up.
  • TV theme show challenge: Miami Vice
  • Burt won the raffle.

Program: Craft talks by Karen Kawaguchi and Amy Clemens


  • Karen Kawaguchi brought some arts and crafts for her “craft” talk.
  • Born in Sacramento. Has two younger siblings.
  • She told her story framed by people who have inspired her and made a difference in her life.
  • Her mother, Helen Kawaguchi, instilled in Karen a sense of service.
  • Her father, Sam Kawaguchi, gave her a great work ethic. He also exemplified great patience and humor.
  • Her grandmother, Kimi Nakanishi, raised six children mostly on her own. She had a great sense of adventure and was an inspiration as an independent woman.
  • Marilyn Craig, a teacher’s aid and family friend, helped Karen when she fell behind in elementary school.
  • Sheila McGinity and Erik Pihl were professional mentors. Erik introduced her to Rotary and hired her at the museum. Sheila guided Karen in her career and working with trustees.
  • Chris Baxter, her Rotary love connection, encourages her to be adventurous and try things she wouldn’t have done otherwise.
  • Judith Cook McCaffrey, her Rotary sponsor, became one of her closest friends over the past 13 years.
  • Sunrise Rotarians have made Wednesday her favorite day of the week.


  • Amy, born in Michigan, was formerly Amy Grace Ackerman and then married Chris Clemens.
  • She was home schooled until 8th grade and was training as a gymnast for the Olympics until she blew out her knee.
  • She then joined school and became a cheerleader and learned the team aspect of sports. She also ran track and competed in pole vaulting.
  • Her senior year in high school she took a summer internship at the hospital, involving data entry. She finished the main project in three days even though it was supposed to take all summer.
  • She became the HIPAA officer for a hospital larger than Cottage, where she began writing policy and telling doctors, engineers and executives what to do. This was while she was attending college. She worked there for 8 years.
  • She moved to Manhattan Beach and continued working for the hospital. She then took a position with Spectrum,  managing the accounting for the gyms in Santa Barbara.
  • She met Chris Clemens, who talked her into moving to Santa Barbara. They were married in England in December. Since she had been a wedding planner, she decided to elope.
  • Chris is a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Downtown.
  • She picked the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise because of its international focus, especially water and literacy programs.
  • She’s now in insurance, which has been the family trade for three generations.
  • She has a dog named Pre, likes to cook and loves traveling. She’s run 20 half marathons and two marathons.
  • Shes in at least 10 organizations, two of which she founded.

15 dictionaries will be donated to third graders in the name of our speakers.

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