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Minutes: The One about Cuba (11/7/2012)

November 7, 2012

President David Velarde called the meeting to order.
Invocation: Bill Ringer
Flag Salute: Dana Goba
Raffle: Sandra O’Meara brought a breakfast basket, Kimberly Coley was the winner.

Guests:  Brian Smith; Claude Saks – A returning visitor; Gil Cruz – David Velarde’s uncle; Levy Valencia – A Cuban traveler with the Boyds; Boris Valencia – A Cuban traveler with the Boyds; Kevin Teel – A guest of Karen Kawaguchi; Linda Putnum – Tom’s wife


  • GSE signups for team leader to Sri Lanka. Two Sunrisers have applied to be team leaders — Liz Werhane and Amy Clemens. Team member application deadline for GSE is Friday. Find the application on the district website.
  • Dental clinic – Thank you for the tremendous support of Sunrisers who volunteered for the dental clinic on Saturday, November 3.  There were 15 volunteers, and Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics  noted it made a huge difference.  A special thank you to Janet Napier, Connard Hogan and Karin Napel who volunteered through the long day!
  • Salvation Bell Ringing – There are 5 Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas where our club members will collect donations for the Salvation Army outside the downtown Nordstrom. Sign up for each of the Saturdays to collect donations.
  • Guardian Scholars – The programs have been positive and fun. Diana Cecala reported that there have been tennis lessons, cooking lessons and more.
  • Community Service Committee – A committee meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday evening.  The primary agenda is to de-brief the dental clinic and discuss the senior life stories project.  Please let Susan Klein Rothschild know if you have any feedback on the clinic or if you are planning on attending the meeting.
  • Veteran’s Day – Recognition of our members who are veterans.
  • Super Storm Sandy – Rotary will support victims of the storm. Janet Napier and Connard Hogan left this morning to aid victims through the Red Cross.

Program: The SBCC Study Abroad Program in Cuba – Bill Boyd and Sandy Grasso-Boyd

  • In July, Sandy and Bill went with a total of 33 SBCC students to Cuba. It was hot and humid.
  • During the week, they were in Havana, and on the weekends they explored various areas of Cuba.
  • They were taking classes in photography and print making.
  • Cuban people find joy in very simple things.
  • Cuba has a rich cultural heritage. You see it in the buildings. Music and dance are everywhere.
  • Housing is getting old and they have not done much in terms of maintenance. The infrastructure in Cuba is breaking up (e.g. sidewalks, sewer, water systems).
  • Small businesses are on the rise including small private restaurants. There is sustainable agriculture.
  • Cuba has a dual currency. They have a currency for visitors and a currency for residents. They have universal healthcare.
  • They have very old American cars, which are refurbished. The rum is legendary.
  • Young people don’t drink and smoke much, but night life in Cuba is big.  The music and dancing are popular, including the mambo and salsa which originated in Cuba. They have amazing clubs.
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  1. David V. permalink
    November 9, 2012 7:13 AM

    TV Theme Song this week was the 70’s sitcom Maude. Some asked about spin offs. Maude was a spin off from All In The Family. Maude was Edith Bunker’s cousin. Maude’s housekeeper was Florida Evens (played by Esther Rolle) who was JJ’s (Kid Dynomite) mom in the spin off Good Times. So Maude was a spin off and it had a spin off.
    So there you have it.

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