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Minutes: The One with the Beef (11//28/2012)

November 29, 2012

Dana Chosen PEN for 2014-15 Secretary and President-Elect Betsy Munroe called the meeting to order.

Invocation: Eric Ryan
Pledge: Sandra O’Meara
Raffle: Luz Maria Ortiz Smith brought a 1-hour massage at Massage Envy

Guests: Dawn Mitcham – guest of Lucille Ramirez, Elizabeth Schwyzer – guest of Liz Werhane, Malorie Bankhead

Club Announcements:

  • Hurricane sandy disaster relief: Janet Napier and Connard Hogan saw the damage firsthand as volunteers with the Red Cross. This is worse than Katrina. They delivered basic household needs. Connard encourages people to give a general donation to the Red Cross instead of dedicated to Hurricane Sandy. Joe Weiland announced that the RC of SB Sunrise will likely pass the hat and have the club foundation match the donation and send to Rotary clubs in New Jersey and New York for longer term rehabilitation of the communities.
  • The District 5240 Rotary Foundation Gala will be 6 PM January 25 at the Holiday Inn Goleta. You should have received an email from Brenda Cressey about it. We are one of the host clubs, and she’d like as many of us as possible to attend. Musical entertainment will be provided by the band from the RC of Carpinteria. Past RI director Barry Rassin will speak. Two people from our club will be asked to be sgt at arms. If you plan to attend, please tell Luz Maria Ortiz Smith. To find more information, go to the district website > events > 2012-2013 Foundation Gala.
  • The Symposium To End Poverty Sustainably (STEPS) is Jan. 26 at UC Santa Barbara. View details about STEPS here. 
  • Liz Werhane held a short Club Service committee meeting to talk about the fine art of greeting. Club members shared their expectations for the duty. Liz will document the process and share it on The Blogle soon. Some highlights: Greeters should be greeting from 6:45 AM to 7:05 AM. They should attend to people who look lost — help them sign in, be welcoming, point them to coffee and juice.
  • Don Bennett thanked the volunteers who participated in bell ringing for the Salvation Army. The club collected $344.34 in the first weekend. All donations help people in our community. He still needs volunteers Dec. 15 10-12, and a few people for Dec. 22. If it rains, the Salvation Army may cancel this weekend’s bell ringing. Don will contact them if anything changes.
  • Julie Joy Stilwell invited everyone to help with dictionary assembly tomorrow night at MTD. There are more than 650 books to sticker and label. Meet at 550 Olive at 6 PM.
  • Julie Joy Stilwell announced that the club holiday party will be Dec. 15. It’s at Ennisbrook with Ed Fleming co-hosting. Please bring a bottle of wine and a wrapped present valued at $10-$20.
  • Bill Boyd announced that Dana Goba was selected as President Elect Nominee. There was much rejoicing. Her speech: “I’m sorry.”
  • No rendezvous last week. Watch email to find out where e rendezvous will be Thursday night.
  • Sandra O’Meara sent members the most recent invoice via email. Please mail your checks soon or bring them to her.
  • Chris Tucker invited everyone to the Garden Court holiday party. Residents will sell handmade crafts to benefit the Unity Shoppe. It’s Dec. 4 from 5:30-8 PM. RSVP to 884-0095.
  • $71 in raffle. The speaker, Malorie Bankhead, won the raffle.
  • Pay and tell.

Program: Steve Boehm introduced the speaker, Malorie Bankhead. Marjorie presents “Today’s Beef Story.”

  • In 2010, Malorie won the FAA speaking contest and became CA beef ambassador. She is on the National Beef Speakers Bureau. She is a Cal Poly senior from Livermore, Calif., who grew up on her family’s cow/calf ranch.
  • “Beef is best.”
  • She described the process farm to fork. Feed yards allow the animals constant access to fresh water, healthy food and room to relax.
  • At all points in their lives, cattle are fed grass and grains. There are feed yard nutritionists, making sure cows get zinc, iron, protein, vitamins b6 and b12.
  • Environmental impact: Improvements are being made — less carbon by 18% (WA state univ did an experiment about belching and gas and proved that changing the diet reduced the gas) 14% less water required, 30% less land required.
  • Your lifestyle and beef: 98% of a cow carcass is used. Food, dyes, adhesives, asphalt. Fun fact: A component of cattle blood is dried and used in fire extinguishers.
  • Beef provides a lot of choice — many cuts, etc. there are 29 lean cuts. We played Name that Lean Meat. Round and loin are often leanest.
  • has recipes of 30 minutes or less.
  • Kobe beef is a type of beef and how it’s raised. It’s not just from Japan. It’s what they eat and how they’re raised.
  • Steer = castrated bulls. They castrate them because the testosterone affects the texture of the meat.
  • On her family ranch, they will administer antibiotics if cattle are ill, but they also have a withdrawal period before cows can re-enter the food stream.
  • Genetics: using because cow herd is shrinking, but can get more pounds of beef per animal.
  • Prime- highest fat, most tender; Select- lowest fat, toughest; Choice- marbling
  • Read the labels if you want to know about added enzymes.
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