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Minutes: The One with Children’s Books that Aren’t Dictionaries (01/09/2013)

January 15, 2013

President David Velarde called the meeting to order.
David Vo provided the invocation.
Diana Cecala led the pledge.
Bill Ringer brought 2 bottles of wine for the raffle.

Visiting Rotarians: Dennis Johns
Guests: Beatrice Meier, Major Phil Smith of the Salvation Army, Mike Gordon


  • Dennis Johns presented banners from La Paz, New Caledonia,
  • Gaetan (?) presented a banner from Gembloux, Belgium
  • Pay and tell
  • Don Bennett and Major Phil Smith announced the totals for the Salvation Army bell ringing in 2012 — $2475. 4th highest in 11 years despite 2 rainy days. They shared what Salvation Army does with the funds. Next year there will be sponsored painted kettles. Biggest day was $647. Downtown Rotary raised $1265. Next year there will be new locations. It serves family and youth in Goleta with services, and downtown it serves the homeless.
  • Vocational mixer/rendezvous on February 28 from 4-7 at Steve Kally‘s office.
  • Janet Napier encouraged members to get in their pledges and payments to the club foundation and The Rotary Foundation in the next week or two. Even small amounts are welcome.
  • Beatrice Meier reminded people to consider the Shen Yun performances of Chinese culture. Use code Rotary for the club to get 10% of your ticket price.
  • The memorial service for lily Carey’s dad is 2 pm on Saturday at Episcopal church.
  • You can still donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.
  • You can still donate to the Rotary Club of Newtown to help with Sandy Hook relief.
  • Bill Boyd and David Vo announced STEPS–the Symposium to End Poverty Sustainably will be Jan. 26 at UCSB. The club pays for your attendance, but you must register in advance,
  • The district TRF gala is Jan. 25 at the Holiday Inn. Our club has 15 registrants already. It honors the donors and the programs the money funds. Luz Maria Ortiz Smith is one of the emcees. Register online.
  • The RI Convention is late June in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Last week’s rendezvous was at Dargan’s. This week’s rendezvous is at Brewhouse –Thursday at 5:30 PM.
  • Happy birthday, Mr. President.
  • Today is “play God day” and National Apricot Day.
  • David Vo guessed the mystery TV theme song: Cheers.
  • Board meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30 at Susan Klein-Rothschild’s office

Program: Andy Doerr introduced the speaker, Mike Gordon. Mike is an illustrator for children’s books, greeting cards and cartoons.

  • Mike is not a morning person. As his own boss, he doesn’t own a watch.
  • He has four kids, and he got to spend time with them as they grew up since he could work from home.
  • He started with a series called “My emotions.” It helped him get his own feelings out.
  • He was an engineer until he was 30, working for Shell in England. He was cold, so he decided to draw some greeting cards. It started with some scribbled cats for Hallmark.
  • “writing greeting cards is soul destroying.”
  • He illustrates for publishers, not writers.
  • He starts with pencil sketches and sends them to the publisher for reaction. Once approved, he inks and colors the sketches. He scans it into the computer and uses Painter to color in the sketches. Painter includes a paper texture.
  • He now has enough work to have someone else color for him. He’s usually working on three books at a time.
  • He’s also illustrated adult books, including “Phallic thimbles.”
  • There are lots of funny little rules about what you can and can’t include — like not having children’s nipples in an illustration.
  • As an engineer, he drew a lot of portraits of colleagues.
  • He’s written a few children’s ebooks that can be downloaded to a computer or tablet. Visit “One Inch at a Time,” “Georgie and the Dragon,” “Perfectly Perfect.”
  • 15 dictionaries will be donated to third graders in honor of the speaker.
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