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Polio update from our District Governor Elect

January 21, 2013

The following is excerpted from an email from District 5240 Governor 2013-14 Jack McClenahan following the International Assembly. Thank you to president elect Betsy Monroe for this report.


Here are some key points made by Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization:

  • In 2012, there were fewer cases of polio in fewer districts of fewer countries than at any point in history.
  • All but six cases in 2012 were in the polio endemic countries of
 Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Five cases were in Chad, which has not 
reported a case since last June, and one case was reported in Niger in the 
final week of 2012.
  • Bruce Aylward
 said that the last case of polio could be sometime toward the end of this 
calendar year.
  • Regarding the murders of polio workers in Pakistan, national and local
 government authorities are taking stronger measures to protect the many 
thousands of workers all across the country.
  • In addition to maintaining generous levels of financial support, Clubs are
 urged to seek community financial support through event fundraising or
 direct personal appeals to potential donors.
  • Giving this spring is especially important as Rotary is spending $35 
million, matched by another $35 million from the Gates Foundation, to
 support this year’s push to immunize “Every Last Child.” Clubs and Districts
 are not being called upon to match Gates, but to replenish Rotary’s polio
 eradication resources as this $35 million is put into the field in a 
concentrated period of time.

What can you do?
 Districts and Clubs are urged to invited elected 
officials to District events and Club meetings to speak about our
government’s support of polio eradication (1.89 billion). RI can provide 
talking points for their use. This ensures that they are briefed. This 
should be two-way communication, with the Club desribing its cumulative
 contributions over the years and member participation in NIDs etc. Provide 
a polio-related speaker gift, certificate that a gift to PolioPlus has been
 made in the speaker’s honor, perhaps a Paul Harris Fellow.
 You can (and should) find much more information, graphics, photos at

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