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And Now for an Original Limerick by Bill Abel

February 1, 2013

Thanks again to Bill Abel for this original invocation at the January 30, 2013 meeting:

“I would like to pay tribute to four club members who helped make the recent Foundation Gala a success.  Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith was an Emcee, Karen Kawaguchi was co-chair of the event, Amy Clemens organized the silent auction — which raised over $3,000 for The Rotary Foundation — and Julie Joy Stilwell made two trips between Carpinteria and Goleta to deliver flowers for the tables. I’ve written a little limerick in their honor…


At the Gala our club had a ball

Twenty Sunrisers stood tall

Amy raised funds with the auction

Julie’s flowers delivered with caution

But Karen had charge of it all


Luz Maria spoke from the stage

Enlightening us page after page

Though the venue was crowded

Our group was enshrouded

With Foundation knowledge quite sage.


Let us be thankful for our talented members!”

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