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Minutes: The One Under the Sea (02/06/2013)

February 10, 2013
David Velarde called the meeting to order.
Invocation: Chris Baxter
Pledge: Amy Clemens
Raffle: Tara StokerVisiting Rotarians: David Gore, Bob Katsev

Guests: Heather Lahr — guest of Liz Werhane;, Chrissy Deferville, Harley Hau, Luis Chavez and Gene — guests of Amy Clemens; Gary Lynd — guest of Fred Gaeden; Richard Salas — the speaker.


  • David Velarde shared a letter from Dolores Johnson explaining her resignation from Rotary.
  • Kimberly Coley described last week’s dictionary delivery at Franklin Elementary. It was quite the treat. Liz Werhane, Karen Kawaguchi and Chris Tucker participated, too.
  • David Velarde and David Vo gave Amy Clemens her blue badge.
  • Susan Klein-Rothschild invited members  to the Community Service meeting on Tuesday, Feb 12 at 5:30 PM at the Public Health Department. RSVP to Susan if you plan to attend so that she can plan to feed you.
  • Steve Kally asked members to save the date on May 20 for the club’s golf tourney. Start thinking about auction items, golfer foursomes, and dinner guests.
  • Last Saturday was district midterms. David Velarde, Betsy Monroe and Dana Goba attended. Betsy reported that women are only 18% of Rotary worldwide, and our district is 25% women. There will be a District Assembly in April, which next year’s board members should attend.
  • The GSE bon voyage party will be Saturday, February 8 from 11-12 at Marriott in Camarillo. The team will report back to us when they return from Sri Lanka.
  • June 23-26 Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Friday, RC of SB Downtown celebrates its 95th anniversary.
  • The Rotary Club of Montecito celebrates 60 years.
  • RC of Carpinteria Talent Showcase is February 16 with 2 shows.
  • RC of Lompoc has wine tasting and auction on February 24th.
  • RC of Cayucos celebrates 5 years with a masquerade ball on March 16, 6-9 PM.
  • Last week’s rendezvous was at Harry’s. This week’s rendezvous will be Thursday at Bay Roadhouse at 5:30 PM across from the train station.
  • It’s lame duck day. It’s Nutella day.
  • Pay and tell.
  • Vocational mixer on February 28 at Steve Kally‘s office.
  • SBIFF free weekend kicks off this week

Program:Andy Doerr introduced photographer Richard Salas, who specializes in underwater photography.

  • He’s been shooting more than 35 years.
  • He published a book of the Channel Islands, and he’s since published 2 more.
  • He shared images from the Mexican border to the Galapagos.
  • He wants us to know that there are friendly, smiley fish, and there are grumpy fish.
  • Some cool fish names: Goliath grouper, whale shark, barnacle blennie, nudibranch, stellar sea lion
  • You have to respect the animals, but don’t blindly fear them.
  • Giant manta rays can be more than 20-feet across, and he’s seem some take notice of him.
  • Richard learns life lessons from the animals he photographs.
  • He shared some of his strategies for getting a good photo. His gear is a regular SLR in a metal housing for underwater. It has two arms with two lights on them. You have to be a good diver first.
  • He wants people to have a new relationship with sea animals, and he asks us to preserve the animals of the ocean for them and for ourselves. Eat sustainable fish.
  • The club will donate 15 dictionaries to third graders in honor of our speaker.
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