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Minutes: The One with a Greener UCSB (02/13/13)

February 17, 2013
Invocation:  Ken Beisser
Flag Salute: Julie Joy Stillwell
Raffle: Chris Tucker brought a flower arrangement from Garden Court residents. Connard Hogan won.

Visiting Rotarians: Robert Dibley, David Acker
Guests: Tom Zeng, Jenny Zeng, Nancy Zeng (friends of Eric Ryan), Katie Maynard


  • Our foundation will receive a check for $72 as a result of Club members who attended the Shen Yun show.  A portion of tickets proceeds have been donated to the Club.
  • Elings Work Day: Please hold April 28 for Elings Park Work Day.
  • Vocational Mixer: It is January 28 at Steve Kally’s office.  It’s 4 – 7 PM. Please RSVP.
  • Meeting setup: Tim Durnin’s is looking for a club member to assist with meeting setup.
  • Nicaragua: Tom Heath and Mark Rheinhart will be traveling to do some planning and preparation for our potential international service project.
  • Gillian Avery went to a Rotary Club in England. She brought back a flag to our club.
  • Group Study Exchange Team: The team was sent off on Saturday to Sri Lanka. David Vo said it was a nice send-off. You can follow the team online.  They are in the capital of Sri Lanka now.
  • RI convention: It is still in June in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • The Carpinteria Talent Show will be Saturday.
  • Wine Tasting: February 24 is the Lompoc Rotary Club wine tasting event.
  • Montecito celebrated 60 years last night.  Montecito came from Santa Barbara but they were chartered from Carpinteria.
  • Group 8 presidents: There was a meeting of group 8 presidents on Monday. The Foodbank needs an electric palette jack. The clubs in our region are looking at purchasing the equipment for the Foodbank.
  • Rotary zoo day will be the first Friday in May.

Program: UCSB Sustainability:  Action Today for Tomorrow – Katie Maynard

  • Katie and the sustainability program look at different ways to reduce impact on the environment and be a model for the community.
  • Sustainability is looking for a way to continue our life, to look and listen at the welfare of the whole people.  We are looking ahead to make sure every decision we make is best for the welfare of all.
  • Principles include the earth’s capacity to maintain resources; development is needed to improve the environment; and we need to work with business to make sure we bring together environmental and business concerns.
  • The essential factors to building a society are people, prosperity and the environment.
  • Recycling is not as easy as it seems. You put things in a recycling bin. We need someone who will collect the materials and a company that will purchase the recycled materials. People can’t do it well without the resources to do it.
  • UC is looking at applying these concepts. Currently UCSB recycles 75% of waste. Composting is now done at all dining facilities on campus. A number of reuse programs are active on campus including those with bicycles, books and furniture.
  • 43% of cleaning chemicals are certified to assure they do not affect worker’s health.
  • In the area of sustainable food systems, 50% of the food served on campus is locally grown or distributed.  UCSB had to develop a distribution system.
  • UCSB is also fighting climate change by developing alternative transportation options, reducing energy usage, replacing fixtures and encouraging behavioral change.
  • Water is becoming increasingly important for the campus.
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