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Minutes: The One with The 101 (02/27/2013)

February 28, 2013
Invocation: Amy Clemens
Flag Salute: Claude Saks
Raffle: Karen Kawaguchi brought a gift certificate for a cheese store,  David Vo was the winner.
* Lauren Avery, Gillian Avery‘s daughter
* Jack Overall, speaker
* Michael Winsor, guest of Janet Napier
* Jaqueline Heerau, guest of Luz Maria Ortiz Smith
* Steve Lou, accompanying speaker Jack OverallAnnouncements:

  • The Sri Lanka Group Study Exchange team made a live phone call to our meeting.  They wanted to say thank you and say they are having a wonderful time.
  • Golf tournament reminder – It’s May 20. We need about 100 – 120 golfers.
  • Vocational mixer will be at Steve Kally’s office tomorrow.
  • Donate Life – Scott Burns is promoting an April 13 forum at his church. A panel of physicians, nurses and stakeholders will discuss all aspects of donation.
  • Nicaragua Project – Mark Rheinhart and Tom Heath went to Nicaragua last week to prepare for the international project. Mark talked about the need for basic supplies for the children to go to school. Our international service committee decided to take $1,000 to purchase the backpacks and supplies for those children who do not have them. We are also talking about putting new roofs on the clinics there. Mark also brought a donation to the Children of City  for $300 from someone at work.
  • Recognition of our club was given to Joe Weiland for our financial support toward polio eradication.
  • Rotary Annual Report – The report gives a summary of what the Rotary has accomplished.  The annual fund money gets returned to the Districts to support great projects. Fred Gaeden encouraged our members to make a pledge if they have not yet done so.
  • Tim Marme is resigning from the club. He is also resigning from his work and looking toward another phase in life.  Tim will be coming to our golf tournament.
  • Meal charges are increasing. The new fee will increase as of one week from today.

Program: Jack Overall presents “Common Sense 101”

  • Jack is presenting an alternative plan to the Caltrans plan to widen 101.
  • The Caltrans proposals were made public about 1 year ago.  The Montecito Association and others took a look at the proposals and identified concerns.
  • The Caltrans proposal is a 10-mile project from the eastern edge of Carpinteria through Hot Springs. The goal is to solve congestion.
  • There is no question we need it, but the question is how to do it best. In addition to solving congestion, the community has goals of minimizing construction time, minimizing disruption, and spending money wisely.
  • The Caltrans proposal involves more demolition, realignment then reconstruction.
  • The Cabrillo/Hot Springs interchange costs $50 million under the Caltrans proposal and $8 million under the alternative proposal.
  • The Caltrans plan calls for closing offramps and there are no detours or viable alternatives and it will take 2 1/2 years to construct it.  This is not a simple project that will have major constructions.
  • Some of different perspectives revolve around left hand ramps related to driver expectations and safety records.
  • The construction phase comparison reflects the time difference is 51 months for the Caltrans model versus 18 months for the community model, and there is $60 million in savings with the community proposal.
  • The community group went to SBCAG who asked for consideration of this alternative.
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