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Minutes: The One with the Scam Advice (04/17/2013)

April 21, 2013

Dana, Sandra,Lucille, Bill, Darren, Kimberly, Tom, Tara and Diana, That's Who! Substitute president Scott Burns called the meeting to order.

Invocation: Bill Abel
Pledge: Tom Heath
Raffle: Diana Cecala

Guests: Tana Truelove, Ed Torres, Claudia Lopez, Vicki Johnson

Visiting Rotarians: none


  • Betsy Munroe spoke about District Assembly #2 in Oxnard. The district themes for July through September will be about membership. Wade Nomura will be in charge of the Rotary Rose Parade float.
  • Betsy Munroe announced next year’s board:

Membership: Gillian Avery and Tara Stoker
Club Service: Diana Cecala
Treasurers: Sandra O’Meara and Darren Doi
New Generations: Lucille Ramirez
PR: Amy Clemens
Community Service: Kimberly Coley
Vocational Service: Tom Putnam
International: Bill Ringer
Future vision: Tom Heath
Secretary and President-Elect: Dana Goba
VP: David Velarde

  • Dental clinic: April 19 at the Neighborhood Clinic. Susan Klein-Rothschild is getting lots of calls and interest in this. It will be at 923 East Milpas. The dental hygiene training is Thursday night. There has been a great response. Thank you to volunteers.
  • Rotarians at Work Day returns April 27 at Elings Park picnic area. Drainage and path work and weeding. Mark Reinhardt invites all of us to help. Start at 8 AM. Bring gloves, shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows.
  • The Group 8 Zoo Day is Friday, May 3, starting at 4 PM. It replaces our May 1 meeting.
  • The Golf Tournament, one of our two major fundraisers, will be May 20. Distribute new brochures. We need auction items and golfers. Steve Kally asked members to visit other Rotary Clubs to talk about the golf tournament. We want to encourage teams from other clubs to participate. If one of those foursomes wins, their club will get a $200 donation in addition to other fabulous prizes. Darren Doi announced we need another 50-60 golfers. We have an extra recruitment challenge this year in Tim’s absence. We’re trying to get the equivalent of $1,000 from each member.
  • Peace Scholar applications still being accepted. Six universities participating. Applications due May 6 to Janet Napier. They can be found on the RI website.
  • The RI Convention is still June 22-26 in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Joanne Schoenfeld Orenstein and Scott Burns presented the student of the month award to El Puente student Claudia Lopez. She encouraged members to watch The Real El Puente on You Tube.
  • The Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning hosts its Casino Night on April 20 from 6-10 PM at 700 Linden.
  • Tecate fundraiser this weekend.
  • Westlake 5k/10k run for global clean water on April 14.
  • The Rotary Club of Ventura East celebrates 50 years on May 23 at the Pointsettia Pavillion in Ventura from 6-9 PM. 1960’s theme.
  • Pay and tell with sgt at arms Dana Goba.

Program:Andy Doerr introduced speaker Vicki Johnson.

  • She shared scams targeting seniors in our community.
  • An 84-year-old man was scammed out of more than $4,000 during a phone call supposedly from his son. The story was that the son had been in an accident and hit a diplomat in Canada and needed to pay a bond. She hears a story like this every week.
  • Even if you think YOU are too savvy to fall for anything, inform the seniors in your life. And, scammers may be smarter than you when emotions come into play.
  • Elder financial abuse is wrongfully taking a senior’s money or property.
  • Seniors who have been scammed have a 3 times higher mortality rate.
  • It’s extra devastating for the elderly to be scammed because there is no way they can recoup their losses.
  • $3 billion annually in U.S. alone. 1 out of 5 seniors has been affected.
  • Who’s doing this? Big organized crime groups in other countries. Also, local scams like contractor who just did something f for a neighbor, said they have extra materials and can give you a great price. They pretend to work for a day and disappear with your money.
  • The “Beverly Hills of Nigeria” was funded by foreign lotteries and other frauds.
  • They put you in panic mode…need to move quick.
  • Seniors are extra vulnerable because their brains are betraying them. They may be lonely and open to people being nice to them. Loss of impulse control, loss of ability to make good financial decisions. There is a part of our brain that helps us know when people are lying to us, and that part deteriorates with age.
  • A SB woman wired $500,000 to China because she thought her grandson had been in a car accident and needed the money.
  • Another scenario is children taking money from their parents.
  • Sweetheart scam: Insurance agent befriended 87-year-old woman with caretaker and became her best friend. He isolated her. He gave her advice. He paid her bills. He paid himself $4k a month. He sold her an annuity that wouldn’t kick in until she was more than 100.
  • Telemarketing facts: $40 billion lost each year. It’s illegal to play a foreign lottery.
  • Alert the seniors in your life. Almost every sweepstakes is fraud.
  • Don’t ever ever give anything over the phone.
  • Tax-related scams. Don’t give info.
  • Protect routers at home.
  • In honor of the speaker, 15 dictionaries will be donated to third graders.
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