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Minutes: The One We Should Tweet About (05/22/2013)

May 23, 2013

Invocation: Tom Heath
Pledge: Scott Burns
Raffle: Sherrie Fisher brought a cooler

Visiting Rotarians: Michael Boyer

Guests: Whitney Schott, Shawn Bourdeau


  • Golf tournament was successful, but the numbers aren’t in yet. We had approximately 70 golfers. All of the silent auction and raffle items were claimed. Club members had fun. Thank you, Steve Kally, Darren Doi, Andrew Chung and all the volunteers!
  • Landshark fun will be next Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 PM. Meet at 6:20 PM in front of Joe’s (the bar, not the past president’s house). Please bring $20 cash per person to pay when you board, which includes the ride, food and drink. There are 5 spots left. If you have questions, contact Elizabeth Werhane.
  • Andy Doerr assured us we’ll have great weather for the Fiddlers Festival in October. We could use a new storage facility. It’s currently stored in a basement that is highly inconvenient. We could purchase a storage container if we have somewhere to put it.
  • Janet Napier announced that we submitted a district grant to help with a health clinic in two villages. The team will be heading to Nicaragua to do a hands-on project, and other club members are invited. August 31-September 8. It’s time to check your calendars and start planning.
  • We have applied for three grants: dictionary project, Nicaragua and dental clinic. These were accepted pending reports from existing partner clubs on other projects, and they are now approved!
  • David Velarde presented a Paul Harris Fellow award to Eric Ryan.
  • Board meeting tomorrow morning at Bethany Church. Incoming board members are invited.
  • Foundation board meeting on Tuesday at 11:30 at Jody Dolan-Holehouse‘s office. The old and new boards will both attend.
  • Pay and tell with Sgt. At Arms Dana Goba.
  • Last week’s rendezvous was at the Boathouse. This week’s Rendezvous will be at Arlington Tavern. See you there Thursday at 5:30.
  • Today is buy a musical instrument day.
  • Raffle winner is Connard Hogan.

Program: Michael Boyer from the RC of Pismo Beach Five Cities presented “Publicly communicating your accomplishments.”

  • Michael is a4th generation Rotarian. His great grandfather was an RI President. His father is a past District Governor. His parents and wife are all past presidents of varying clubs. He’s the PR director for District 5240.
  • Michael shared a video about social media. It’s a good video.
  • It’s important to communicate what happens at the club level more than what happens at the international level.
  • Publicity strategy: create a small committee; focus on the results of your club’s efforts; communicate with public and media; build relationships with local media 
  • Committee: website/bulletin editor; social media editor (in meetings); social media editor (programs); social media editor (special events); photographer (sgt at arms)
  • Talk to social media like you would talk to someone standing next to you in the club.
  • Why not post the minutes and photos during the meeting?
  • Think about the tangible results. Instead of the check, show what the money is accomplishing.
  • When dealing with local media, follow up. Follow up a lot. And if they run it, send a thank you.
  • Pay attention to, our district’s news site. Projects and successes are wanted. Publicize events there. We also get $10k of Google advertising via a grant per month. It’s been around 3 years.
  • All presidents, PEs and directors have access to
  • “If you Google Michael Boyer, you can get pretty much information you want about me.”
  • Rotary-related searches on Google happens more than one million times per day.
  • In honor of the speaker, 15 dictionaries will be donated to local 3rd graders.
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